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  1. rjsurfer

    SM replacement fork question.

    Thanks, kinda what I thought. It's'funny I don't think there is another bike that has so few changes over its model run. Ron W.
  2. rjsurfer

    SM replacement fork question.

    My present 400SM fork tubes are badly corroded so I'm looking for a used pair to swap out. My question is are all SM Forks the same? Mine is a 2006 and I have seen them from 2005 thru 2013, will They all fit mine? Of course if anyone has a pair to sell PM me. Thanks Ron W
  3. rjsurfer

    Bad corrosion on front forks, dangerous?

    I live about 1 1/2 miles from the ocean, could be an issue for sure. Looking more carefully at it, I can scrape pretty deep into the fork with my knife, it sure looks oxidized aluminum the stuff that's coming off. Ron W
  4. I recently took a closer look at what I just thought was some discoloration on the front fork tubes of my 06SM, its a lot more than just surface discoloration. It almost looks like the fork tubes are corroding away. Has anyone else seen such bad corrosion on an SM? I'm thinking they might not be safe to ride on? What are my options? God only knows what Suzuki sells them for, do people ever sell them used? And if they do do they usually sell just the tubes or are the guts of the shocks included?
  5. It certainly deserves an explination,....I was cleaning the chain last week and left a rag under the tail bag to get it out of the way. The next day when riding the bike I felt a hesitation or shudder didn't think much of it at the time. I'm guessing the rag blew into the chain and ended up wrapped being the sprocket. Duhhh. Ron W. Thanks for the part numbers Mr. Marquez...
  6. The seal is history, it took me a few minutes to even realize what I was pulling out along with bits of the rag. I'm guessing the friction heat buildup just melted it away. Oh well..... Thanks for the reply Ron W.
  7. Like the title says I found my lost rag, unfortunately it was behind the front sprocket and all wrapped up with what I'm assuming WAS the front countershaft seal. Obviously I'm going to need a new seal but I need the bike for tomorrow its my only form of transportation, can I run the bike for 30 miles with the seal missing? I can get by for the rest of the week but I need it for Monday? How hard is it to press in the new seal? Anyone have the part number? Could I have caused anymore damage? That's usually my luck. Thanks Ron W.
  8. rjsurfer

    Headlight Help!

    There are many HID kits out there that have hi/lo beams. One style (the best) has an electro magnet built into the bulb which pushes the bulb in and out about a 1/4" this duplicates the traditional 2 filament bulb that is standard. The mirrored reflectors are built to focus between these two filaments redirecting the beam hi/lo depending on which filament is turned on. The second style HID uses an elctro magnet to tilt the HID bulb up and down which also simulates a two filament bulb, just not as well. Bottom line if you get the right kit it will work right out of the box with no wiring changes. Ron W.
  9. rjsurfer

    Anyone running heated clothing/gloves on the Z?

    I run a heated jacket liner and gloves on my 400SM, jacket 65 watts max and gloves 15. I made the swap to an HD headlight bulb (saved 30 watts) and LED brake/stop lights and turn signals, probably a savings of 15 watts. Added a volt meter to monitor the charging as well. I'm on my third year of this set up without a problem. I do keep an eye on the voltage, if it drops below 13 I start to turn down the jacket liner. Plus, when I get within a few miles of my destination I turn things off to guarantee a charged battery when time to go home. I did the free voltage mod as well, which helps. This year I started to use a small battery charger which I use after every ride, that seems to help keep things charged. Ron W.
  10. rjsurfer

    Anyone put mag rims on a DRZ SM

    My spokes look like crap, they are corroding badly....no easy solution for that. Wouldn't mind some cast wheels. Ron W.
  11. rjsurfer

    Love the new Big Bore and Cams.

    Just curious, did you rejet after the big bore? Thanks Ron W.
  12. rjsurfer

    LCD Voltmeter Recommendations

    Its funny, even knowing the voltage is fine I still shut things down a few miles from my destination B-) Ron W.
  13. That's exactly how I set up my new stage 1 cams and I'm running fine. Ron W
  14. rjsurfer

    LCD Voltmeter Recommendations

    I run both at the same time and the voltage never drops below 12.5v, usually it sits around 13.5v. But, I'm using a HID headlight which saves 35 watts and an led brake/stop light. Hope this helps... Ron W.
  15. rjsurfer

    LCD Voltmeter Recommendations

    I have one of those cheap $6 Chinese specials which work OK as long as the sun isn't on shining on it. I think that's a big problem with lots of LCD and LED units. But I'm happy with mine anyway and its a great help in monitoring your battery especially for me because I'm running a heated jacket and gloves. Ron W.