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    03-05 CRF150F clutch interchangability?

    After doing a lot of research on this and asking a few local mechanics on this, here is what I found out. The clutch is nearly identical with the exception of the following, the clutch basket (gear riveted to the basket), the clutch springs, and clutch guide. Now from what I was told, the cast aluminum part of the clutch basket is identical on the 150 and the 230, it is the gear that is riveted to the basket as to the difference in the two. I was also told that if someone were to drill out the rivets on the 230 clutch basket they then could put their gear from the 230 onto the 150 Rev-Loc clutch basket as it is held on with flat head socket head cap screws and not rivets.
  2. I am trying to find out the chances of the interchangability of a 03-05 CRF150F clutch with that of the CRF230F clutch. I have seen where most of the parts are the same part numbers, my question in particular is the clutch basket itself. Does anyone know if they interchange at all? I have a Rev-Loc auto clutch that I am getting ready to sell that came out of my wife's 150 and just trying to find a wider market to sell it to. Thanks, Kyle