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  1. raptor_ridin_bubba

    Trying 2 decide DR650, XR650L, DRZ400, DRZ400M

    Dave, I am from Fairport, just outside of Rochester... Quite a bit away from where you are...... Although most of my riding is done in Springwater NY, which may not be that far from you. I rode an Xr650L A couple years ago, but I do appreciate the offer to try yours out, its always nice when people are willing to help out.
  2. raptor_ridin_bubba

    Trying 2 decide DR650, XR650L, DRZ400, DRZ400M

    Slick, those are either the same tires I was saying I saw or really close to them, now I know where to get them, thanks. I loved the pics, thats the kid of riding I'm talking about. Ditch digger, I would love to run the E model on the road here, but in New York they stopped letting us convert bikes over a few years ago. Now days if it says Off Road use only, or close course only on the original title, thats it NY wont let us change it. I would assume that by the time I put a pipe on it, jet it, It'll have enough performance to get until winter. I have upgrade-idius so over the winter I'll put a cam, port and polish the head, and mill the head to get the compression up there. Hopefully that will take care of any power concerns I have. As always I appreciate any and all information. thanks guys
  3. raptor_ridin_bubba

    Trying 2 decide DR650, XR650L, DRZ400, DRZ400M

    Slick-101 That was exactly the info I was looking for. Its hard to make a choice when you cant ride the different bikes back to back, but your post has made it easier. I was kind of leaning towards the DRZ400 or the DRZ400M and now I am definitely looking at the 400's exclusively. I believe the wider tire on the 400M may feel better on the road, but Ill need to find one that has a better tread pattern than the stock one. I saw one guy on a 400M last year, he had tires that looked like a great compromise, they still had the width and shape of the road tires, but had a deeper tread pattern with more tread to it.
  4. I am really having a hard time deciding which endero I want, actually I know which one I want, but refuse to spend what it cost. If money were no issue I would buy the KTM 525, but its a bit pricey, so I'm trying to decide between the DR650, XR650L, DRZ400, or DRZ400M. When I look at these bikes I see the obvious differences, the 650's are not liquid cooled, and weigh more than the 400's, But I would assume that based on weight, and tire size the 650's may be more stable on the road? I'm going to be using the bike for the around town errands, plus some light trail riding, and for back road fun. I guess my questions are, how noticeable is the extra weight of the 650's over the 400? With the 400 being liquid cooled, its it actually a faster bike than the 650's? Whichever bike I buy, it will be getting a pipe, and jet kit, so the comparison would have to be based on that. Is the DRZ a stable bike at higher speeds on back roads, or even the occasional highway? If anyone has had both a 650 and a 400 I would appreciate any insight you have on the two bikes. I would also like hear from people who own any of the bikes I mentioned regarding what helped them make their decision, and how happy they are with the bike they bought. Thanks guys
  5. raptor_ridin_bubba

    New To TT, and a new wr250 owner questions???

    Thanks for the info guys.
  6. I posted a couple weeks ago, trying to decide if I should get a WR250, or 450... Had some great replies that made decide on the 250, thanks everyone for help regarding that. I bought the WR250, and will be picking it up for the local stealership on April 1st. The questions I have are regarding the free mods. 1. Do the 2006 250S need to have the throttle stop changed out, or did they fix that problem in 06? 2. I would assume that it wont be jetted perfect from the factory, but do they tend to come lean, or rich from the factory? 3. I'm thinking of putting the Yamaha exhaust insert in the pipe, its cheap and not to loud from what I understand. Has anyone else used this insert? is it worth the 40 bucks? 4. I hear everyone talking about clipping the grey wire, rev limiter I would assume, is there a ton of power to be found beyond where the stock limiter kicks in? 5. I have also heard that I can advance the cam and get a bunch more power, is this the same cam mod that is typically done on the YFZ450 quad? and how much more power does it really gain, or does it just move the power to the higher RPM's? 6. What other mods can I do , that are free or close to free? I'm just looking to get as much as I can out of the bike without spending a ton of money, or putting a piss your nieghbors off loud exhaust system on it. Thanks guys
  7. raptor_ridin_bubba

    WR 250 OR WR 450 I cant decied

    I thank everyone for there help, and I have made a choice based on what I have read here. I believe I'm going to go for the WR 250, just based on the fact that I will be using it more for trails than wide open riding. I believe the 250 will will be more than enough power for trails, and if I get bored with it, I can always do the free mods, then pipe and so on. As far as the KDX that someone mentioned, I had thought about going that route, but I much prefer the broad power of four strokes. Im not into having to have mix fuel, or carry two gas cans if I go out ridding for the day with my raptor, and the bike. Thanks for the help guys!!
  8. raptor_ridin_bubba

    WR 250 OR WR 450 I cant decied

    I'm going to attempt to make a long story short. I am in the middle of dealing with the dealer over two different bikes, a WR450 and a WR250, The 450 is a 2005 and the 250 is 2006. With my trade in it works like this, I can get the 2006 250 for $2700, and the 2005 450 for $3200. I have a bunch of questions being as there really isn't much of a price difference.... First off I grew up riding dirt bikes, and about ten years ago went to Quads, the last dirt bike I owned was YZ490, and that was a bit much of a bike to tell the truth. I'm looking for a bike that will have a good amount of power, be light and nimble in the woods, yet not bore me to death in a open field. I guess I should say I'm skeptical of the 250 being not enough bike in the open field, and the 450 being just to damn snotty in the tight trails. I have no four stroke dirt bike experience, all my old dirt bikes were two strokes, so I have no way to tell which one I should be looking at. I guess what I'm asking here is will the 250 keep a 37 year old play rider happy, or should I just go for the big dog? Will the 250 pull power wheelies fairly easy for me, or does it lack in power? Is the 450 to much in the tight, and I mean really tight trails? I guess I just don't want to buy the 250, get it home and feel like it is a dog when I'm on a straight open run, leaving me to feel like I should have bought the 450. any all opinions are appreciated.