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  1. SpikedLemon

    shark fin fit on either S or SM?

    Keep dirt out of it? I think it should have a shark fin for the rear sprocket.
  2. SpikedLemon

    DRZ400 SM Tire Survey

    I did a 120/70 with the 150 rear tire without any issues of un-balancing the bike towards the rear. Even at the track it was quick steering and had great balance and traction.
  3. SpikedLemon

    fitting a Pilot power 160 on my 06SM?

    I noticed a huge weight difference on my Fireblade between the 180 and 190... A 180/55 is not much taller, if any, than a 190/50 on a 6" rim - but I agree then 190/55 will give the best results if you want quick steering and traction. That being said: I've got a 190 on right now - but that's partly because I'm trying a new brand of tire, Metzeler M3, and didn't know how it'd react. I'm normally a Michelin fan.
  4. SpikedLemon

    vapor computer

    One guy at the track had one on his EX500.
  5. SpikedLemon

    Yosh Header Pipe Wont Fit

    Mine JUST clears the rad and I had to move the lower Unibiker support up a 1/4" (I just drilled new holes)
  6. SpikedLemon

    Sport Bike Pegs For the DR-Z400S & DR-Z400SM

    Actually; I'd prefer sportbike pegs... I don't like the large "platforms" that dirt bikes use.
  7. SpikedLemon

    DRZ400 SM Tire Survey

    They have a corner on the market because they're the only ones who make the OEM size rear tire.
  8. That's how I ride my DRZ on the track... 'cept I'm dragging pegs instead of my knee; I just can't get myself to hang off far enough but I have no problems leaning the bike over all the way. Keep it up!!
  9. SpikedLemon

    DRZ400 SM Tire Survey

    I saw 7000km out of my Pilot Powers on my CBR929. Awesome grip in the rain: wheelie and stoppie grip in the rain.
  10. SpikedLemon

    Metzeler M1 Sportecs

    Just got back from the track w/ my DRZ and the M3; they worked really well... Far better than the D208 tires. Maybe I'll put on the Pilot Race tires next; just have to justify the extra $.
  11. SpikedLemon

    DRZ400 SM Tire Survey

    I got about 3000km out of the OEM set of tires (including one track day which fried them). I've got a set of Metzeler M3s on right now and I did a sweet number on them at the track but they're still good and feel FAR better than the OEM crap.
  12. SpikedLemon

    DRZ400SM Brake Pads?

    I have the same pads as the "S" on my "SM". I don't like EBC pads and I used DP pads. The DP HH+ pads are inspiring compared to OEM.
  13. SpikedLemon

    Metzeler M1 Sportecs

    I have the Metzeler M3 on my DRZ and my CBR right now. They're a great tire but I've not tried the older M1 tire. I had the Michelin Pilot Power (street) on the CBR prior to the M3s and, in the dry, I find the M3 to be far better. It gives decent feedback (Michelin tires just don't give good feedback: they're good, good, good, gone) and it has very neutral handling (the PP wanted to pull me further into the corner and took too much effort to stand the bike back up again). The OEM Suzuki D208SM are crap compared to the M3. While they provide decent feedback; the ultimate grip just isn't there. The M3 I have no issues with the tires as I drag footpegs on my DRZ. My bike's limitations are now suspension related and it's the next thing on the list. Would I recommend the Metzeler M3? Of course! Would I recommend the Micheline Pilot Power? Yup! ... especially if it might rain while you're on the road. Would I recommend the D208SM? Not really... There's far better out there.
  14. SpikedLemon

    JIS..err Japanese Phillips

    I hate those screws because even a stubby screwdriver was awkward in there. Switched to socket heads and I can remove the float bowl easily with an allen key. I see NO reason for philips (JIS or not) to be on a vehicle of any kind. I get pissed off enough at all the hex head fasteners on my Suzuki (slowing switching to socket heads)
  15. SpikedLemon

    Crashed. Bent frame tab: need help. Please?

    Using the stock kickstand is starting to help. I'll get a buddy to help hold the bike. Thanks guys.