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  1. Thinking about cutting up a spare stock pipe and making\welding in different internals to make it a power pipe. Just for a bit of fun. Anyone done this before. Most power pipes just have cones inside don't they. Second hand one's in Aussie are hard to find and new ones are a rip off.
  2. Fordskin

    My 650r is not a nice piggie

    Yes Yes ha ha. I meant 5th gear.
  3. Fordskin

    My 650r is not a nice piggie

    The problem has only just started. Never had it before. Did a ride day today mainly flat out beach riding. Flat out plowing through sand it was not really noticable but getting back on the hard stuff doing 100klms[speed] in 6th gear and just cruising it starts pissing and farting again. HI Wesk. Ive still got the standard carb. Everythings standard apart from the hrc exhaust tip, all uncorked and an opened air box. I think i just need to rip the carby apart and give it a good clean.
  4. Fordskin

    My 650r is not a nice piggie

    Idle's great like always. Played with the pilot screw. Its about 2 turns out like it always was. Its got me stumped.
  5. Got a prob with my R. Its seems ok under big load but when you get up to speed and just cruise at say 1\5 throttle is surges and farts and carries on. Nothing on the bike has been changed lately. Fuel flows easily out of the tank. Inserted new plug. cleaned filter Had a look through the bore of the carby and the needle does not look worn. Took the bottom of carb off and cleaned the bowl and blew air into the jets. Went for a ride and still the same. It idles great but at low throttle under load its crap. Any ideas?
  6. Fordskin

    moble 1 syn oil

    I used to run modified 4 stroke go karts. We got them to a point where they were reving that hard we would have to put stabiliser additive in the oil. We always used mobil one full synthetic. A testomony to this oil is that one day when i couldn't get hold of any, i used an inferior product. Guess what, it blew up in practice. It just kept getting hotter and hotter until boom. I couldn't work it out. The only diff was the oil. Those karts ran centrifical clutches but i'm not sure about wet clutches. I thought about putting it in my xrr but i just use Motul in case.
  7. Fordskin

    XR650R Idle hang

    This is also a common problem when the throttle cable has been directed underneath the fuel tank mount [near thermostat]. It should run above it from memory. Honda don't give much them much slack.
  8. Fordskin

    LC4e or XR650R

    The 650r is dead easy to start and doesn't vibrate too bad due to the counterbalancer in the engine.
  9. Fordskin

    XR650R vs DRZ400?!?!?!?!?

    Yes in deed. Sounds like your bike is corked up some how. Either that or your mate had some serious work done to his bike.
  10. A have an 05 650r all uncorked with hrc tip etc. Thought i might open up the air box and see what happens. Haven't ever checked the jetting thinking that it would have had the 68s in it. [in Australia you can buy the bike road ready,lights etc from the dealer and it also comes with the uncorking parts] I got them to uncork it before i picked it up. When i checked the jets it only had a 65 pilot and a 175 main. No wonder it always overheated in the tight stuff. So i changed to the 68s and a 185. Same time i hole sawed out 4 x inch holes on top of the side cover. I thought round holes were the go because you can put [fence post on wall type] inch plastic plugs in them if you have to plug them. Man the bike has definatley gained more grunt. 3rd gear power wheelies have become a lot easier and i love the throaty sound out of the air box. What a bike!
  11. Fordskin

    Pipe hanging off carb on my 650r

    Thanks for that. Pipe stays open ended then. M:thumbsup: ust be a breather pipe.
  12. Just rejetted but not sure where this pipe hooks on. It is located on the gear shift side about an inch in front of the choke. Its coming off the carb and looks like it's shaped to go upwards but where?
  13. Fordskin

    XR650R won't start after uncorking.

    I'm no expert but i can tell you that when you take off the bottom of the standard carb you will see the main jet directly below where the needle is. The main jet screws into a long kind of jet and on top of that there is a little half inch needle guide{ have no idea what its really called} thingy. I do know that the end with the bigger hole faces up into the needle.
  14. Fordskin

    Actual Length Of 68S Pilot....?

    Just searched this out. I recently opened up my air box on my 650r and now i have the dreaded flat spot. The forums tell me that i need to go bigger on the high speed. Thats fine, i just pulled the bottom off the carb and i have a 175 main but also noticed that the low speed jet has nothing written on it at all. Seems strange to have no numbers. I'm now wondering if that jet wasn't changed when i had the hrc kit put in at the dealer when i bought it. The 68s has it written on it right? Any idea"s?
  15. Fordskin

    XR650R Hop up?!?!

    Seriously if you can't smoke a drz 400 then there's definately something wrong. A good indication of power is the 650r should lift the front wheels under power alone {no pulling on bars} in 1st, 2nd, and {3rd if your a light guy}. Get it sorted and enjoy.