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  1. cashlink

    07 YZ250 Jetting

    We haven't had a chance to try it yet, just got it back together last night. We have been running 4 Strokes, and when you pipe them, you usually need to go leaner on the main jet. I haven't worked on a 2 stroke for a couple of years, and I didn't want to take a chance on burning the piston out of it.
  2. I have a stock 07 YZ250, I am getting ready to install V-Force 3 reeds, and a FMF Fatty pipe, and FMF Shorty silencer. Do you have any sugestions on what jetting changes I may need to make? These are my current settings. Main Jet: #178 Pilot Jet: #50 Needle: N3EJ 2nd clip position Air Screw: 1 turn out Fuel: 103 octaine @ 32:1 ratio Elevation:1000 ft. Temp: 40 deg. F. Thank you.
  3. cashlink

    Decompression Weight Snapped

    I have a 2007 CRF250R, I just installed a J.E. high compression piston, Hot Cams stage 2 cam, Faction MX Intake Valves, and springs, White Brothers Alumunum Pro 2 Single Exhaust, and Vortex Ignition. The bike really screamed after all of these mods, but after putting about 6 moto's on the bike, it was impossible to kick start. I took the valve cover off, and found that the Decompression weight had snapped in half, and broken the little plate that keeps it from moving from side to side, and I found the rest of the Weight in the bottom of the left case. Has anyone seen this happen before? I assembled it by the Service Manual specs, the actual bolt that holds the plate in place is still there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, I still have the stock exhaust valves and springs in the head.
  4. cashlink

    SDG seat

    Maybe you need to address some rear suspension issues, most bikes come from the factory, sprung for a 180 to 190 pound rider. The suspension should absorb alot of the bumps, not the seat.
  5. cashlink

    SDG seat

    You might consider the Step Seat, it is lower in the front, but higher in the back. You can touch the ground easier, and when you need a softer ride, you just scoot back. All SDG seats that we have used, have a pretty agressive gripper pattern on all sides. you might also need a good pair of compression shorts.
  6. cashlink

    05 RM-Z450 Head Milling

    Thank you, that makes sense to me.
  7. cashlink

    05 RM-Z 450 Cylinder

    My cylinder off of my 05 RM-Z 450 has got wear in it, only on the front, or exhaust side, the machinist says that it only has .001" taper from top to bottom, the worst wear is at bottom dead center. Is this cylinder useable, or should I get it replated?
  8. cashlink

    05 RM-Z450 Head Milling

    I am glad that I checked the fluids before starting it, the radiator took about a pint of Engine Ice, to top it off.
  9. cashlink

    05 RM-Z450 Head Milling

    I have an 05 RM-Z450, I installed a Pro Circuit high compression piston last fall, the bike ran fine, and made it through 14 Rounds of our Winter Series. I loaned it to a buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago, and he returned it with a blown head gasket, which he neglected to tell me about. (I know, I shouldn't loan out my bike.) The bike started blowing coolant out the overflow hose, as soon as you would start it. I have it torn down, and the head is at the machine shop, being checked out. My question is; Does anyone know how much, if any, you can mill the head surface, with the Pro Circuit piston in the engine? The head is about .002" low, on the right side. I don't know, if the head can even be milled, I would sure like to findout, if I need to go on and get another head, or if this one is repairable.
  10. cashlink

    Switching from Red to Yellow

    Has anyone switched from a CFR250, to the 07 RMZ250? I have heard pretty positive reports on the new RMZ, I just wondered if it is a better bike than the CRF. My son races an 05 CRF250R, I just don't like the dual pipes, and bigger carbs on the new Hondas. His 05 CRF will run with all of the 06 bikes, but we would like to get an 07, just hoping the new RMZ will be faster. It is the only completely new 250 4 stroke, all of the other models have made some changes, but nothing really stands out, as the hands down best bike. I know the rider makes alot of the difference, but my son is 6 feet tall, and weighs 140 lbs, so he gets a pretty good power to weight ratio advantage.
  11. cashlink

    Rekluse Clutch

    Are you running gear lube formulated for motorcycle gearboxes, of just regular gear oil? Some gear oils have additives in them, that can actually make your friction plates glaze, and slip. Did you check your Clutch clearance with the cable connected? You want the cable disconnected when checking the clearance. If you can hold it W.O.T. and it does not move, you have serious slip going on. Are any of the steel drive plates blue? Also check the clutch basket and hub for grooving. We ran a Rekluse in a YZ250F, it is sweet when it works right, but a pain when it doesn't. You might also check the oil level in the tranny, I just rebuilt a CR 125 that siezed the second gear bushing to the output shaft.
  12. cashlink

    spark plug question

    I was told by my Honda dealer that the 04 plug was longer, and could contact the piston. I think I will just take his word for it, plug cheaper than piston.
  13. cashlink

    Sticking clutch

    The plates can stick together when you pull the clutch lever, because of the oil between them. But with the engine running they should not stay together. Are you running a gear oil formulated for Motorcycle transmissions, or automotive oil? Automotive gear oils have additives that could cause your plates to glaze. Stock Honda clutch springs are not strong enough to hold the power, try a set of Pro Circuit, or any aftermarket brand spring. It made a big difference in our bike. _____________________ 05 CRF250R
  14. cashlink

    Would Jetting Cause This

    Sounds like the new valve job may have seated in on the first ride. I would check the clearance, especially on the Right Intake valve, it sounds like the valves have tightened up. When engine is cold, head shrinks and can cause valves to open up. Once warmed up the aluminum swells out and will seal the valve. You can't generate enough speed with the kick start to overcome the compression loss, when the engine is cold.
  15. cashlink

    POS header/muffler seal

    You can get the seal that you are talking about from dealer , Honda factory part # is 18392-MK4-000. Next time, remove 2 bolts attaching it to sub frame first. The only reason to remove the sub frame is to get to the carb, You don't have to remove it to check valves. __________________ 05 CRF250R