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  1. fordman

    When to tear down????

    I might have 3500 to 4000 miles on the bike total i dont get to ride it a whole lot anymore (wife and baby thing) So maybe ill check it out after it gets to chilly to ride and hunting season starts up thanks for your help guys
  2. fordman

    When to tear down????

    Bike starts fine other than the dead battery and it runs great I just dont want something to go wrong with the engine and have a major failure which i couldnt afford and would be out of a bike for a long time is there any way to see something like this coming Ive had the valves checked at the yamaha shop and they said that they havnt need any ajustment that doesnt seem right to me
  3. fordman

    When to tear down????

    Ive got a 03 wr450 and its been a great bike I do regular maintenince on it but I am kinda worried about the top end since its 6 years old and hasnt been apart yet when would be a good time to tear it apart to check things out clutch, cyclinder, pistons and such I would rather tear it down and replace things before they break and cause other problems thanks
  4. fordman

    Time for new chain

    its not that its too fast i just dont ride fast i like more of the single track stuff and its kinda hard to get the front up exactly when i need it to i dont know maybe iam just doing something wrong
  5. fordman

    Time for new chain

    Ds was there a big defference between the stock and the 13/51? 70 if the fastest i have got the bike up to and that is defentaly fast enough for me I just want some more torque in the bottom seems like the bike should have more anyways but I dont know
  6. fordman

    Time for new chain

    Hey yall its about time i spent some money on my wr450. Iam looking at getting new sprokets and chain. I need a new chain and was wanting some more low end power for wheeles and stuff like that but i dont know how far to go. Iam not worried about loseing top speed because I will never go as fast as the bike can stock. How many teeth should i lose? And what kinda change will i see in the bike? thanks for all the help you guys are awesome
  7. fordman

    No start???

    Hey yall my 03 wr450 has set for a couple of months in a cold storage shed and now will not start turns over great but wont fire what can I do? Need to ride badly any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. fordman

    5.3 or 5.6?

    sorry to hijack but does the 5.6 make the bike higher or does it just stiffen the sus.?
  9. fordman

    front brake problem

    Hello I just got my 03 wr450 and was riding today and had a small fall that broke the ball off of my brake lever. Problem now the brakes only work once in a while I have never worked on the newer disks brakes could I have broken somthing in the master cyclinder? I appreciate everyones help TT rocks:thumbsup:
  10. fordman

    03 wr450 for offroad racing?

    thanks guys you have been alot of help.
  11. fordman

    03 wr450 for offroad racing?

    maybe this is a dumb question but what is a rear shark fin?? the sound rule for this area is 96db with the yz exhaut do yall think I will have a problem passing that test? I will be racing in the novice class (never been in a race before) so hopfully I will be alright. any advice for the actual riding part of it? thanks again yall are awesome matt
  12. fordman

    03 wr450 for offroad racing?

    Does anyone here race these kind of races on a wr? If so what should I look at doing to the bike last owner had done the free mods and installed a yz450f exhaust. Does that exhaust have a usfs approved spark arrester? thanks matt
  13. Hello I just got a 2003 wr450 and was thinking about getting into some desert type hare scrambles. Would the wr hold up against the comp. never been to one so I dont know what ppl ride on these races. Any help would be very much appericated thanks matt
  14. fordman

    Shorts, kneeguards, and boots..

    I dont know about yall but here in arizona every bush has thorns what would happen if a limb went up thoes shorts and got in your jewels. Me I would rather have sweaty jewels than ripped ones. IMO