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  1. urbanmx

    CRF150F Front Brake fix

    Do you even own the bike I'm talking about? I will try to explain so you will understand. If a bike ran like crap and wouldn't take throttle, and I said here are some jetting specs that worked for me. Then you replied it's all about how you twist the throttle, you have to roll it on smooth, it's not the jetting. You are talking about technique, I am talking about fixing a problem. If you think there is no problem with the front brake on a bike you don't own, say nothing. I doubt you can do that or even let me have the last word, you have a ton of posts on this forum, all of which I'm sure are pretty much BS.
  2. urbanmx

    CRF150F Front Brake fix

    This is also a great idea and should work. I'd buy a set of hard metalic or ceramic pads. They don't bite as hard as some of the softer pads. Please guys with street bike avatars with mad stoppipe skills, do not reply to this thread. Again this is to help riders who are trying to learn and are having trouble with the front brake.
  3. urbanmx

    CRF150F Front Brake fix

    I've been riding for over 25 years. I only mention this so that you know that i am not new to riding. Have had many bikes and know what a good and bad front brake feel like. The stock brake is not good, can you compensate for this with experience, yes. However my wife has ate Sh!t with the stock setup, she does not have a lot of experience. So I'm not saying that this mod is for everyone, just those having trouble. Plus it works a whole lot better. As for the fluid change, it may have helped. It does not cost much to do that so it's worth a try. The 11 master cylinder was given to me to try. I only have a little time and some brake fluid into the the project. This means I did not spend a ton of money and have to say how great it works to feel better. I only posted to try to help.
  4. The front brake on my crf150 is like a light switch, on or off. This along with the super soft front suspension makes it dive and want to wash out. It does not have a good feel, I tried to reduce some of the pad area, did not fix it. So now I have a fix for this. First get stiffer front springs. Next this bike comes with the powerful master cylinder it's marked 1/2" on the front of it. Honda makes one that is marked 11. You want the one that has the 11, not sure what bike it comes off, go the the honda shop and look around. The 1/2" has a bigger piston than the 11. You want the 11. The brake has a great feel now with the 11 master cylinder! The stock lever, boot, brake cable, and backing plate will all bolt up to the new 11 cylinder.
  5. urbanmx

    Street Legal

    Got my tires today, the front 2.75"x19 looks and fits great, the rear 3"x16 looks a little narrow but should work fine.
  6. urbanmx

    Red hot header pipe

    First, it is normal for a header to glow red. Second a bike should not run well on full choke, if it does then it's too lean. You say it ran well a year ago, did you change something since then? You cleaned the carb, so thats good, was the pilot jet plugged, did you look through it? Also did you dump the old gas and put fresh (less than a month old) gas in it? Popping can happen when the jetting is wrong, but more likely it happens when you have an air leak. When you installed the pipe did you put a new header gasket on? did you tighten the bolts on the header evenly or do one dide then the other? You may be able to loosen the header and re-tighten it. Last to have a normal running bike run right at mammoth you would probably re-jet to run a little learner, since it it at a high elevation. i would not worry about it being too lean for mammoth.
  7. urbanmx

    Street Legal

    I'm in the same boat, ordered some tires for street, they should be here on the 7th. will post pics. http://www.jcwhitney.com/SHINKO-244-SERIES-TIRES/GP_2020740_N_111+10211+600014323_10111.jcw Never heard of Shinko tires before, but the sizes looked right
  8. Want a cheap crf150 stiffer spring kit, I'm sure they all work the same.
  9. I'll state the obvious: New bikes are better than old Awesome KTM!
  10. Thanks for all the responses, I have decided to make my own kit. However I have purchased the BD tail light and handlebar assembly. From what I got from them, it looks like great quality. I just didn't like the headlights they offer.
  11. Looking for a stock exhaust, canister or full system, needs to be in good condition. PM me if you have one.
  12. If you do and want to sell it PM me
  13. urbanmx

    CRF150F tires??? What fits??

    Just looking for something for around town, will put the full knobbies back on for off road.
  14. urbanmx

    CRF150F tires??? What fits??

    Having a little trouble finding some tires that would fit my stock CRF150F. Anyone know of a decent street tread?
  15. Need a dual sport kit, I've looked at Baja Designs $469. I want to know if this is a nice kit, or once you recieved it did you think I could have done that with nicer parts? Thanks for the info