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  1. shaker_711

    Rock Creek rain closure

    Hey Trencher, I rode GT this morning from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and it was pouring down rain. All the puddles were full, the trails were a sloppy mess. As we were leaving at 11:00 a.m. the ranger, Jon, was pulling into the staging area, checking the trails and letting everyone know they were shutting down. Just so you know, the rangers don't make the rules, they enforce them.
  2. shaker_711

    Found a plate at GT

    I founda CA bike plate on trail 4 between 9 and 4-2 today. If you are missing your plate PM me with the number to confirm it's yours. It's got blue letters/numbers with a white background.
  3. shaker_711

    Penny Pines, Fri and Sat, 1st and 2nd

    Nor Cal Tom and KrackPot, Hope you are twisted (throttle that is) and you havn't been kicked out- sorry, I meant asked to leave any local establishments! Shaker_711
  4. shaker_711

    Elkins - Missing Coat From Sat. Ride

    Grizzly Flatter, that's really cool of you! I'll vouch for Russ, he is a nice guy. And he loves peas and carrots.
  5. shaker_711

    G-town Enduro

    Hey Yamageezer, I dropped your rim off at Kent's today. Needs some polishing but you should be good to go! Buick's a cool dude for shelling that over to you! I am getting ready to send in my registration for the Fools Gold and am riding with one other rider. Do you and your buddy want to team up and ride on the same minute? I rode it last year and it was a blast, but it kicked my a## Just picture 95 miles of what we rode Saturday but at a quick pace. Let me know.. Ed
  6. shaker_711

    E Steet H.S.

    Hey Tom, glad you had fun and licked the race! I am STILL sick:thumbsdn: and missed riding all weekend. My other riding buddy rode and said it was really tough with the sand.
  7. I'm jealous, except for the quads!
  8. 1:00 am and the rain is pouring down. 11:00 a.m. at WCS (worst case scenario) PC?? Ed
  9. OK, let's start by working out a Mission statement. Best to keep it short and to the point. Round 1: _(name here)________’s mission is to preserve, maintain and protect Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) opportunities by facilitating education, volunteerism and fundraising. OK guys, let's hear it! It needs work, but it's a start. The more comments the better, and no, you won't hurt my feelings! Any suggestions?
  10. I agree, but I also think that in the short term (first 6 months to a year) that the focus needs to be on establishing relationships with the USFS at GT and FH. We need to work out any kinks on a small scale and then begin to expand. I think the legitimacy will follow as a natural result of our actions.
  11. BB, I'm sure some funds will be needed to get the org off the ground and I'm fine with the $$ going to that. I like your plan; start small and focused (GT and FH), get the quads involved ($$), then expand from there. Let's work on setting a date for our first meeting. My only preference on dates would to be to avoid D36 race dates. How about meeting after a GT work day?? RH, any idea on how long the paperwork takes?
  12. OD, I agree. Seriously though, we could spend a decade on a name. I'm a believer of fate. BB hs spoken; it works; let's roll with it. Let's focus on what's important. Show up. Speak up,
  13. I agree, NOVA works. It sounds like this is materializing and has support. I think we need to focus on making this a non-profit, not an LLC. A non profit gives people motivation to donate (tax write off) whereas an LLC's purpose is preservation of assets (profit). In my mind this non-profit shoud exist to funnel money to our cause; keeping existing trails open through maintenance and funding development of possible new trails. Let me call some friends tomorrow to check into the costs and feasability of the 501c.
  14. Guys, Been busy at work so I havn't kept up with this thread. Just to keep this serious I'm in with a $500 donation to NOVA or whatever name gets tagged to this worthy cause. If you need postions filled sign me up to whatever spot is open. Who's next? Sounds like Rockhounder might be a CPA but if not I know a great one who can handle this for us and is very familiar with accounting for 501c's. Is there any way this thread can transfer to email? I have trouble following TT at work all day. Ed BB & rockhounder, PM me with details.