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  1. where can I get some after markey plastics for my 04 TE250 and will the 05 plastics fit if I do a complete change over
  2. Akropovic full titanium has slightly larger diameter header pipes than standard and I use the full race system on my registered bike. Although mine has a 300 kit installed a guy I know has a te250 with one installed not to loud at all.
  3. Currently got an Huskey 250with 300kit looking at new bike like another husky te310 09 or ktm exc, honda crf 250x or sherco 250s with a 280-300 kit added please let me know if anyone has got any 08 models of these.
  4. thank you
  5. Just got one of these for my 04 TE250 much bigger easier to read etc. Can anyone help me with the Pulse per Revolution I should set it on for the Tacho. The book says to refer the husky user manual but I cannot see it in there. I curently have it set on 1 but not sure if this is right.
  6. I bought my 04 TE250 new as a runout in 05 can't part with it either since its had a 300 kit put in it and full titanium race system on goes hard great bike as much fun if not better than my old YZ400 with a 425 kit in it.
  7. I've got a 04 te300 with a full titanium akrapovic race system on it and its registered cops wouldn't know it was not meant for the road. i read that story on your bike and thats what me me jump onto the 300 kit
  8. Looking at getting a steering damper for my TE 300. Anyone give me an idea on what one to buy, I like the Roc Stompa as you can cancell it with a push of a button, don't mind the MSC or Scotts. Would like to hear some info on these if possible please. Cheers
  9. Greg, It's not that loud, if anything it sounds like a real thumper, it just hammers. I used to have a YZ400 with a 425 big bore kit, not as loud as that, but it is throatier than the standard pipe.. Cheers Craig
  10. I got my 300 kit fitted 2 months ago and went for a 5 day ride/camping trip. Bike is very different, kit does wonders for these little screamers, when setup properly the bike is totally different with heaps more torque and more horsepower. Bike went well under power but surged a little when trying to maintain a steady speed, so I took it back and while it was in getting adjusted I put on a Akrapovic full Titanium race system on it. These things are great evan more torque and horse power. I would recommend both the 300 kit and exhaust sytsem to anyone with a TE 250.
  11. You will love it I just put one in 3 weeks ago their just go, rev hard heaps more torque
  12. Anyone in OZ with what jetting, mixture screw, needle setting, etc needed to set up 300 kit in an TE 250 04-05 Husky would be much appreciated. Goes hard when on the revs but seems to surge a little when just trying to maintain a steady speed.
  13. I went from a YZ400 with a425 big bore kit to a TE250, and I do miss the down low torque only. The TE revs all day and is great to flick around and I have just put in a 300 big bore kit in mine to give the extra torque.
  14. Thank you will try that Cheers
  15. Place on the Gold Coast called Jet Ski World I can give you the number if you want. Cost was $1100 OZ dollars landed took about a week for it to arrive.