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  1. thanks, i was wondering if this can in anyway distort the way my front works.
  2. Hi i ride for the last 2 years with 2 different spring rates in each tube of my front fork, when i bought the springs from MX-Tech i didnt know if i want to go with 0.46 or 0.48 springs instead of the 0.44 stock (WR250F) so they advised me to get the 0.48s and if its too much to just put one stock 0.44+ one 0.48 to get an average 0.46 spring rate in my fork. i know Ohlins used to do that in ther custom forks in the past, but i still wonder is this right for my WR? should the average spring rate suspension work the same as if i had 2x0.46 springs? Thx.
  3. LedZep

    looking for a KX250F pic some guy had put here

    nope but thanks the pic he had put here was of the stock KX250F and he went and redesign it with photoshop, i went over the whole "show me your bike" thread but its not there its really unique.
  4. Hi all i came across the most amazing KX250F graphics some guy had designed himself and posted here 2 versions of the graphics, i think he said its not read yet and he was showing 2 color designes he made. it was with a few types of light green stripes , i went all over to find it here but to no avail. can anyone help maybe you know what im talking about? Thanks , LZ.
  5. i have the works connection rad guards. im talking about the plastics that divert stones etc from hitting the front of the radiators.
  6. those white screens/guards/fins that cover the radiator get old and yellow where can i get those in blue/black/red?? Thanks. LZ
  7. LedZep

    No clutch at all on a YZ250F 2008

    darn when will they fix those cluutches???
  8. LedZep

    yz/wr 2008 black engine covers

    sounds cool can you post a pic?
  9. LedZep

    Any Ideas for 2009?

    what about seperaing engine oil and gear oil? that should be in the 2009 model for sure. just hope it won't be a fluke like in the new ktms, i know of 3 2008 4 stroke ktms (2x530, 1x450) that get the gear oil and engine oil mixed up in ledd the 100 mile on them due to serious inner engine sealing, its wierd that no recall from ktm about it (one of my friends got a 2nd engine sent from austia) guess what? its leaking as well....
  10. hi all how long till those black engine covers gets shaved by the boots? is there anything you can do to make them last longer?
  11. LedZep

    WR250F 2008 complete clutch kits

    Hi no i didnt, it may be a good idea how many holes did you drill, at what size and wheere exactly? i saw that the GYTR pressure plate has lots of diagonal holes drilled through it, what about the basket? Thanks , LZ.
  12. LedZep

    WR250F 2008 complete clutch kits

    hi again anyone knows whats the difference between the 2007 YZ250F OEM clutch springs to the 2008 model? i see in yamaha of troy that they have diff catalog numbers for them and diff colors. 2007: 90501-224J9-00 PINK 2008: 90501-230A2-00 BLUE anyone knows if they fixed some clutch issues in the 2008 model and therefor the different clutch springs? Thanks, LZ.
  13. LedZep

    WR250F 2008 complete clutch kits

    I don't know but its not only me, 2 other friends both on 2007 WR250F go through 3-5 clutches a year. after a long time that we try different stuff and after reading lots of threads about it here seeing we are not the only ones with this issue, i am pretty sure its an oiling problem (or lack off...). i guess the only real solution is a complete after market clutch (basket, presuure plate, cover , fibers, metals etc) from GYTR or Hinson or other after market names, but thats way too expensive for me.
  14. LedZep

    WR250F 2008 complete clutch kits

    yep i change the springs frequently and allways reinforced or stock YZ springs never the "soft" WR springs.