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  1. mr731

    HOW TO POWDERCOAT (with pics)`

    That is good man. I have always wondered how they do it. Champion
  2. mr731

    rekluse clutch

    no im not a pro. but a simple answer to a simple question would be nice. Giving me "feedback" about the rekluse is not helping to answer my question. Again thank you everyone for your replys, except moreccsthanlbs you go have little cry
  3. mr731

    rekluse clutch

    Thanks for the replys, but my question is "do pros use them?".
  4. mr731

    rekluse clutch

    the people you know, are they pro's?
  5. Do any of the top pro AMA/FIM riders use them? Seems like people on this website highly reccommend them.
  6. mr731

    any1 from australia

    If they brought back the biff they would waste every team. You know its true
  7. mr731

    any1 from australia

    top end of Northern Territory. At last, someone who hates Gay F L. Go the warriors.
  8. it shouldnt really matter as long as the little man feels confident. If hes not ready he will let you know.
  9. mr731

    YZ in elevator part 2

    ha ha i've been kicked out of hotels for the same thing
  10. mr731

    easier clutch pull

    You could try lengthening the clutch actuator arm or use one from the 400f.
  11. mr731

    How does this whole thing work?!

    you will know straight away after the few practice laps. depending how fast you go the officials will put you in the right class not what you think you should be.
  12. 1992 yz 125. When standard, what a slow heap of s***. I still get angry when I think of that piece crap
  13. That dude was on a cr500 NOT a cr250
  14. mr731

    how to burn out on a dirt-bike?

    front brake on, all your weight off the bike, Hold it flat and drop the clutch instantly. DO NOT let the clutch out slowly or fan the clutch, that is the GAY way.
  15. every body has just as much right out their then ricky. Its funny when tedesco holds up ricky hes a chump but when hes holding up reedy its just racing