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  1. B Rubble

    Post 09 Pics!!

    I don't like the front fender either. Look's like a ttr110. Yes, fuel injection would be nice. It's going to take awhile for the look's of the 09 to grow on me though.
  2. B Rubble

    Post 09 Pics!!

    I hate the 09's. I'm sticking with my 05. If I had the 09 first and the 05's were the new bike, I'd like them better. The 09's look more like an economy driven marketing stunt, rather than something actually better. The white fender looks out of place, the shrouds look like chopped up 04's and the front pipe is butt ugly. imho.
  3. B Rubble

    Proposed Jackson County WI ride park

    Wow, I guess I missed this one. I wonder how it's going. We could always use more places to ride. I just with they were closer to the madison area. Camp n ride is My favorite kind too.
  4. B Rubble

    Madison, WI

    http://www.co.clark.wi.us/ClarkCounty/Departments/forestryparks/RecTrails/knobby.asp Just north of black river falls.
  5. B Rubble

    Ugliest bike ever!

    I thought that was a chinese kxrmcr 600, until I saw that it had a real honda engine. Now I want one.
  6. B Rubble

    ETREME female newbie - How do I dummy down a bike?

    I havent been able to leave her alone to practice because she needed me to start the bike - untill two weeks ago (her first ride this year). She was rusty with using her rear brake (if she ever used it at all) and her starts took forever. So while at the campground loop, I had her do 20 laps or so, stopping and starting at each driveway (25 yards approx.). She was a pro at around 15 times. Her shifting was slow too, but I'm more worried about the braking and slow starts (crossing roads). I don't know if she will ever be a jumper. I can say that she has improved 200% in her first year and at this rate, anything is possible. Our's doesn't smoke too much, we use honda pro synthetic premix @32:1 (blue bottle). I'm trying to switch over to Amsoil Dominator, but it's been hard to find here. If there were more smoke, I'd try a leaner pilot jet.
  7. B Rubble

    ETREME female newbie - How do I dummy down a bike?

    Just glanced through this thread, figured I'd give My experience (or my 12 year old daughters) of learning to ride. She is skinny, 5'2", timmid, clumsey and (I hate to say it) not too quick to pick up things or learning from mistakes. To make a long story short, the bike we ended up having great success with after various trial and error issues is...a 2006 kx100 with steahly's heaviest flywheel weight. The throttle on the kx 100 has a boss that we drilled and tapped for a throttle stop screw and nut (all available at a hardware store). A hotter plug (1 step hotter, but irridium version) to reduce low end fouling. An fmf q muffler. Basically the thing acts like a minibike with the screw turned in. After 1 year she is finally off the throttle stop, but stays out of the powerband most of the time. We trail ride so the flywheel weight will stay in. With these mods, I can recommend these bikes to any riding ability or temperment. I don't know if the kx125 has this tappable boss on the throttle or if the kx100 throttle would fit a kx125. It was the #1 major contributor to the taming of the kx100 though. I hope this helps anyone who wants a motocross professional quality bike, but were sceptical about the ability to make a great first bike.
  8. B Rubble

    fiep-your backyard?(video)

    Share with the boys now, Girls.
  9. Never owned a toy, but My colorado has only had one minor problem. The fan switch wire came loose. It only has 30.000 miles on it though.
  10. B Rubble

    anyone here deal with "JEGS"

    Them, summit or PAW have been good to me.
  11. B Rubble

    how mental is this guy

    I'm not going to pass judgment, Just speaking for myself. HELL....NOOO!!!
  12. B Rubble

    Now I've seen it all..

    I'm having trouble finding the bike shown at the top of the company site, being listed for sale there too. I used a currancy converter on the NZ dollar and it showed $1870.03 US dollars for it. I'd kind of like to shake the hand of the guy who fitted that pipe.
  13. B Rubble

    Now I've seen it all..

    It's a ktm knock off, with a Honda knock off (4 stroke) engine and a two stoke pipe!! Watercooling and cooling fins, Hmmm. This bad boy come's with 107cc's of David Knight ripping power. http://www.shineray.co.nz/product_info.php?products_id=11
  14. My comment was more about racism on this thread. I'm in my 40's (and white), they all look like kid's to me. Some kid's don't learn until well into adulthood(white or black). Those adult's where probably doing it (or similar activities) when they were kids. Their police could easily send copters to track them down, then raid them. Instead their group is being allowed to grow, which makes them look worse. You're right, if their police don't do something about them (whatever race) it will continue (why wouldn't it). I don't know what the situation is in baltimore, but that behavior would be ended real quick here in Madison, Wi. I undertand what you're saying about them making us all look bad, I've been dealing with this problem since the late early 80's. I was even handcuffed back in the early 80's for crossing a road on my 79 rm100, because some 8 year old girl got hit a week earlier (causing parent's to freak). It took a cop to put an end to my action. It'll take a police dept. to put an end to them too. I just have this feeling that, not much has been done to try to stop them. I mean, the new's is following them while they parade around with not one cop even following them. I agree with anyone who say's, we all need more places to ride. I see no reason why the Gov. can't allot us some of their unused/unusable land for motorized recreation purposes. In my opinion, their local gov. could allot those kid's (... people) some local gov. property to have their fun. I'd bet they would use it if they were watched more closely. IMHO, I think Crotch Rocket's are a bigger problem, they are legal and harder to enforce and because there are so many. When you see a dirt bike on the road you look and know they don't belong there, so you watch out. Crotch rocket's blend in, untill they do something stupid (wheelie, stoppie), without warning. Like I said, unless their law enforcement step's in, They are just going to think their parade is acceptable. I say, give baltimore some motorized recreation land with an intensive use area. Take their bikes if they continue their road riding though. Just don't point fingers saying the "N" word thinking that's going to make it stop.
  15. B Rubble

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    If you want to mellow it out more, there's a boss under the throttle that can be tapped for an adjustable throttle stop. All you need is a screw and lock nut then. My 12 year old daughter learned to ride this way on her kx100.