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  1. kxflood378

    2015 kx450

    Boysen Super Pump, CV4 Radiator cap, CV4 radiator hoses, & engine ice, should prevent most of your overheating issues
  2. kxflood378

    13 kx450 handlebar settings

    Bars are placed by whatever tech builds your bike out of the crate. They are generally set in the neutral position.
  3. kxflood378

    Set up tips '13 KX450F

    The forks depend on your speed(A,B,C rider), the more aggressive you are the faster they blow through the stroke and get harsh. The shock is valved super aggressive from the factory and performs well if you charge hard and slam through things but if youre slower or less agressive youll have to pull a bunch of rebound out of it. I run the bar mounts in the front holes with the mounts offset backwards(3rd most forward setting) as this is the most neutral setting. If you wear big boots (size 10+) youll want to move the shifter up one notch. Stock chain, sprockets, chainguide are junk. Stock grips are vulcanized on the bars and throttle tube, do yourself a favor and get a set of bars and order a J27 shooter throttle tube. (www.j27moto.com) Get yourself a honda axle nut and ditch the stock nut/cotter pin setup. Let her rip
  4. kxflood378

    PSF air valve "NEW"

    The one from Crfstuff.com doesn't work with the mounts in the front holes with the mounts set rearward(3rd most forward position)
  5. kxflood378

    '13 450 front brake issues?

    I run a Ride Engineering caliper with a Galfer oversized front rotor and EBC's most aggressive pad. If those don't stop well enough for ya, go buy a ktm! haha
  6. kxflood378

    Anyone have any 22mm clamps for sale?

    I'm pretty sure I still have a set of 22mm offest Ride Engineering clamps sitting in my shop. They'd be green in color if they're still there and don't come with bar mounts. I'll double check.
  7. Ama pro license holder looking to borrow a 125 2 stroke for the Sleepy Hollow 2 stroke national in PA this coming weekend(9/22 & 9/23). Will pay for any broken/worn out parts that I cause. If you have a bike you'd be willing to let me borrow you can contact me one of three ways; PM me here Email flood.psu@gmail.com Text 9087054496
  8. kxflood378

    Let's hear about those 2013 KX450F test rides?

    Due to the EPA the OEM's don't put grease on anything because they pay huge fines if one drip of grease hits the floor. Any new bike should be stripped down and greased or you will have premature bearing wear.
  9. kxflood378

    2012 KX 450f

    Premium is a good start, a good idea is to always filter your fuel to keep any contaminents out of your fuel system.
  10. kxflood378

    new air spring fork?

    Time will tell, but I rode a 30 minute moto yesterday and my forks didnt seem to get any stiffer. They've been running them in japan for so long, that they have all the kinks worked out I think.
  11. kxflood378

    Let's hear about those 2013 KX450F test rides?

    I picked mine up wendsday, tore it down to the frame and greased all the bearings and DE greased all the connectors and installed the hour meter. The bike had almost no grease at all, typical of kawasaki's I've owned in the past. Played with the adjustable bar mounts and footpegs, got everything where I wanted it and got it ready to go. Took it out yesterday and rode our mx track and our freshly tilled turn track. At first the forks felt super soft, so we went back in and checked the pressure, aparently the dealer only filled them to 27 pounds even though the minimum in the manual is 32. Bumped the forks up to 35 psi and went back out. Set the clickers front and back, getting them dialed in, but the bike will certainly need some work from Factory Connection. Anyone that is a fast B rider or faster, will need a revalve to get the bike to work as good as it can. Played with the couplers, and settled on the most agressive plug. The stock plug works well but doesn't have a strong enough hit on the bottom. I think with a 1 tooth larger rear sprocket the stock green plug will be the best choice for most all conditions.
  12. kxflood378

    2012 vs 2011 kx450

    Spring for the 2012. Having rode both bikes back to back, I can tell you that you will feel the difference in the frame flex properties. The changes are so drastic that you can actually feel the difference simply riding over a root at idle or a bump in a parking lot. Coming from a road racing backroud, you are used to being in-tune with your machine. Getting the '11 will take alot more "adapting" to as you will have to teach yourself how to soak up the rough hits and find ways to make the frame work. The '12 isn't gods gift to motocross, but it's pretty damn close. Close enough that it's convinced me to sell my 2012 RMZ's that turn on a dime to hop back on Kawasakis after a 5 year stint off them. You won't regret spending the extra money.
  13. kxflood378

    2012 KX450F Rear Brake Locking up

    It's the nature of the beast with any 450. Low speed riding and hitting the rear brake will cause the rear tire to lock up. You can adjust your brake pedal so that you hit it lighter, or pay attention to how much pressure youre using to retrain your brain, or just keep a finger on the clutch.
  14. kxflood378

    2012 issue after issue...

    Mort, Did you ever get your clutch issue figured out? What clutch perch and cable are you running? As of late there have been issues with certain aftermarket clutch perchs changing the leverage ratio and smoking the clutches as they get hot. Flood
  15. kxflood378

    2012 kx450f Reliability

    Kawasaki has a $700.00 rebate on the 450's right now for anyone interested. As far as 75XX.00 being dealer cost, that is a falsehood the dealerships would like you to believe. The dealer gets a sheet that says their cost, which is what they show you. What they don't tell you is that "their cost" includes freight, and other fees that they have to pay kawasaki. The only way to get true dealer cost is to be a team green support rider.