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  1. braze an extension on to the tap or try to find a pulley tap
  2. i think the speed schedule is wrong tv guide has it going until 1:30 and speed also said it was on at 1:30 this morning already.....
  3. maybe this will answer your question....
  4. after looking at it a few more times it actually looks like the bike back fired and blew the turbo off.
  5. IMO i really dont think this could happen in order for the picston to come out it would have to go through the head the valves and break the crank i think its very unlikely and if you watch it really doesnt even look like a piston maybe the cinynder not the piston.
  6. Has anyone ever washed there air filters in the washing machine? would it mess up the foam at all?
  7. im planning on making my pw80 a pit bike what are some free mods?
  8. whats are soem free mods for a pw80?
  9. ok i just redid the clutch in my 60 ad now after 5 minites the oil gets really runny and looks like a cappachino color
  10. here is a video of some of the 250fs doing it:
  11. i know a guy that cased it and totally blew out his back wheel and all it bent his rim and broke his spokes and all
  12. it was his 150th im pretty sure:prof:
  13. its crazy sunday rv..lawerence...grant...townley...and a bunch of other lites riders were doing it
  14. Personally i think bubba crashed on purpose to let ricky win and give him his 150th win. I watched the entire crash and it deffinatly looked like he threw it away on perpous. I mean the crash was really graceful. I think he did it that way so it didnt look obvious though still let ricky win. Anyways it was a good race. Plus bubba was hauling and he was whooping ricky. It sucks ricky is gunna go though.
  15. heres one that was photoshopped that i think looks sweet it was done by another user on here