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  1. motocross

    Is there more huskys out there than Suzuki’s?
  2. Torque first , then degree it
  3. Yes, most all motors now go by torque angle on the head bolts. A digital torque angle gauge makes it quicker
  4. Yea it's easy to replace, but don't buy aftermarket, they are noisemakers brand new, go delco, kinda a common problem
  5. I'll be at rocky hill tomorrow, 62 on the yami, braaaaaap!
  6. Yea wondering what's the deal with this place, only open for events? Some have nothing to do with bikes.
  7. I only go on TT on my I pad or I phone, never tried anything else, thanks
  8. It's brings me to the last post, it's drives me nuts. Why? It used to put me to the first unread
  9. I just registered my bike just to go ride there, so is there a full blown mx track?
  10. I noticed they were not running the stock aluminum tank, they were plastic with heat shields
  11. Yea man!, I've never had any kind of luxury at the wick. But I'll prolly be watching shoulder to shoulder with everyone else , I like to walk around and check out all the lines.
  12. I got lucky, they were given to me by my local parts supplier that I do a lot of business with. Lucas must of gave them so many. All day pit pass, and free food I guess. I think the tent is by the old pits where Stewart lock up mid air years back
  13. I'll be in the Lucas VIP this year! All fired up!
  14. How old is the timing chain? Stretched a bit?
  15. They are pressed on, and almost positive they are NOT keyed