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  1. jnjdad

    Need FMF Pipe for 96 KDX 200

    Thanks, I looked up this place: http://www.piperepair.com/index.asp Looks like he can take care of it. I wonder how they know what to realign the pipe to?
  2. jnjdad

    Need FMF Pipe for 96 KDX 200

    It's not just dented, the left side that curls around and then goes into the head - that landed on a rock! Bent the curl into my radiator, did put a dent in it, and kinked the pipe so that where it wraps around the frame is not round, but oval from the crease. I wish it was just a dent, I could fix that. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I badly bent the pipe on my 96 KDX 200 last weekend. It did not just dent, but warped it. I can see the o-ring sticking out that is supposed to be in the head. Anyway if any of you have an extra FMF Gold series Fatty pipe laying around please let me know. I think mine is the woods version. Please e-mail at jflynn@bertelkamp.com Thanks
  4. jnjdad

    KLX 125 Chain Stretch

    The DID 428NZ chain is NOT an o-ring chain, will that make much difference?
  5. jnjdad

    KLX 125 Chain Stretch

    No comments?
  6. jnjdad

    KLX 125 Chain Stretch

    It seems I need to adjust the chain on my son's 125 after every ride. I don't think I am starting too tight. On the top plastic chain guide about 1-in back from the right side edge, I start with being able to put 2 fingers between the chain and guide. After riding a couple of hours, I can get 2-1/2 to 3. It is a stock chain and I am about out of adjustment in the rear take-up. Do I get a new chain or do I take a couple of links out of his?
  7. jnjdad

    rims. help

    I agree painting stuff usually the finish does not hold up very well and quickly begins to look bad. Although, I have experience painting cars and there is an epoxy primer made to put over bare metal that is really good. It adheres well, supposedly to chrome also. This was a few years back, it was made by PPG and you mixed two parts together. You may call a place that does powder coating and find out what they think, usually the powder coat is more durable. Hope this helps.
  8. jnjdad

    pvc fork spacers

    Nice setup provo, did the yoshi and rejet make a sizable difference?
  9. jnjdad

    suggestions for pipe and big bore

    wow, that's rocky! Where we ride in central Tennessee in somewhat rocky, but not that bad.
  10. jnjdad

    110 motard

    I would like to see some pics of a KLX125 motard. How do you convert, about how much does it cost?
  11. jnjdad

    suggestions for pipe and big bore

    I would like to try the yoshi pipe, but with basically a stock motor (free up the air box). Any suggestions to jetting the yoshi to a stock motor (Middle Tennessee - not sure about altitude) would also be appreciated.
  12. jnjdad

    Handgaurds for DRZ 125

    I just installed these on my son's KLX125L. We had to "tweak" a couple of bends, but they worked very well as we gave them quite a workout Saturday. http://www.pitposse.com/ouraha.html
  13. jnjdad

    Skid Plate for 125L

    Thanks for the info, I did notice that the store was no longer available. Must not have been legit.
  14. jnjdad

    Skid Plate for 125L

    Yes, they do. I was hoping to find one less than $160, guess I can watch ebay. Anybody know of others?
  15. jnjdad

    Skid Plate for 125L

    Having trouble finding a skid plate for the 125L, any help?