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  1. Ryan_Rides_Red

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    When i still had mine i got it up to 70 and had another guy next to me who clocked the same speed to make sure it was truly right
  2. Ryan_Rides_Red

    2008 230 street legal

    Wouldnt ride on a freeway...would be roadkill hahha
  3. Ryan_Rides_Red

    want more power on a 150f

    May i ask whats the point of adding power to this turtle thats missing a leg?
  4. Ryan_Rides_Red

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

  5. Ryan_Rides_Red

    Am I too big for a CRF 230?

    personally i think you would be happier in the long run if you buy a CRF250x, thats my opinion
  6. Ryan_Rides_Red

    Anyone wanna see a lardass loop a 230?

    lol sweet video
  7. Ryan_Rides_Red

    how to make a 150 street legal

    what would be the point?
  8. Ryan_Rides_Red

    So your a CRF230 fan?

    Your not supposed to because i didn't say i did. I was just talking about that bike idiot and that lone. I bet if i was on a crf50 i could still smoke your @ss!
  9. Ryan_Rides_Red

    So your a CRF230 fan?

    I did u bumb@ss, im just telling you how crappy that bike is.
  10. Ryan_Rides_Red

    So your a CRF230 fan?

    Alright people, i bought crf230 about 2 years ago. It was the first bike i had ever bought and when i talked to the honda dealership owner he said that it would have plenty of power and would be a great bike for many many years to come. Well after two years all i can say is.... the crf230 sucks... it flat out sucks hard. For one the suspension is so rock hard that if your going a good speed you can kill yourself going over little rocks. Not to mention the power well....flat out sucks. The only positive thing i can say about this bike is that it has its "Tractor gear" as i call it for tight situations 1st gear will breeze you through it. But this bike still sucks!!!! But honestly whats with all you people who say this bike is totally awesome. In my opinion theres no point to doing any modifications to it, i mean comon spending alot of money to have a 230 with 20 hp, O WOW! Don't get me wrong i love honda and will always ride honda but the crf230 sucks im sorry to say.
  11. I was riding with a friend who rides on a XR 400 we both came upon a Tee in the road we were not aware of. we were both goin same speed and locked up our brakes but once i came to a stop he just kept going. I just dont get how front disc and back drum brake to just front disc and back disc brake could have that outcome. answers??
  12. Ryan_Rides_Red

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    Ok buddy lets just say for some reason that it was set wrong (even though its not) I've been ridin with a guy along side me thats ridin a DRZ 400 and we were both goin the same speed to see what i could get up to. He clocked the same speed as me. I dont think two bikes with the exact same speed could be wrong. Maybe you should keep on the gas longer instead of slowing down because your scared of that turn coming up on you. well in any case next time get your facts straight.
  13. Ryan_Rides_Red

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    Have you really pinned out your bike? I have a stalk 03 230F with a Trail Tech computer on it. I have pinned my bike out on a straight with no grade at all and have gotten it up to 69.8 mph. I think your stats are a little off.