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  1. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    Yes I will check out the NW forum. I ususally go with the KTM rider every weekend we can which is quite a few. Ever been down marvelous main line lately. A few weeks ago we did it. There were three of us all pretty experienced. The rain washed it out in about 5 places and there were some 6ft drop offs into narrow tree alleys. It was hard for the other guys scambling for there rear brakes after they dropped off. One guy was on the front breaks to hard and went endo. His bike hit him after he went over the bars. It's bad when your bike comes back and hits you while your down. I don't use the back break on the handle bars much but it does come in handy on those drop offs also if I don't make the hill climbs it is easyer to turn around. I understand about the clutch my buddy is old schoo and must have his clutch. I still have a clutch but it is not as solid as a normal one. Sounds like the rekluze pro would be better to fan the clutch out of corners. I have been riding dirt bike since 05 so the new gadgets present no obsticles as far as old habits. As far as Jake crashing he wasn't thinking anything but oh-shit. He is far to inexperienced for worring about the techniques of minimizing his crash. I think he knew he was going to land but had no idea when where and on what. When it's just Bob and I we some times go up to 70 miles. The area we go on those days is. We stage behind rogers camp. We leave take marks trail. Power lines to shute, shute to lydia area take log jam up by 7up, take morales mazz toward archers, take archers to the end. Buzzard point (when open) to jordan creek, jordan creek towards either stick in the nose or rogers camp road. Once on top use to ride punkin patch (been closed). Fire fox to emery lookout. Then back again. When it is just Bob and I we tend to cover ground pretty fast. Most of it is quad trails so more high speed. For single track we go to Dimond Mill or go in through Carolton to the Nestucca area. I always say the more the merryer. As far as riding. It would be fun to get a number of guys together and twist some trails out. Yea Darrell at SBD is pretty knowledgeable should get my fronts and back into him soon for maintenace. That and I think I am ready for a firmer ride. I got on the 250 yz after riding the 450 track bike all day and the yz seemed so sloppy. The forks may have been bound up from the crash. Thanks for visiting Oregon now leave! Trouble is none of them do. There is not enough water and to many fires so the SoCal people are staying here.
  2. gorry

    Chinese Bikes are good too!

    There #1 seller is called the King Kong. From Gay-shung motor company. No kidding. Go to pbs and watch a movie called Heat from Front Line. The King Kong is made in china.
  3. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    I hate the thought of gas leaking out of it. Jake was coming around and there were others to tend to him. When I first picked the bike up the front fenders rubbed on the plastic rad cover it was smashed in so far. I see your point. I don't know if he is good enough to appreciate my yz. When I first got it, it was to much power for me. Doing wheelies when I didn't want to, accidentally hitting the throttle on a bumpy down hill and nearly crashing. The 18" wheel and the rekluze mellowed it out as well as a 48 sprocket. Now I am ready for the 50 sprocket and maybe drop the recluze. May be get a 450r moded for the woods. I hate putting the big tank on. It makes the bike feel fat. I digress. I would rather see a guy go for it a little even if it is my bike. I like seeing the young inexperience learn. They heal fast. A mans got to know his limitations. Some times those limitations are hard to learn on a dirt bike. At the very least he should know that he has no time on the bike and it is unfamiliar. I am sure many would have got a kick out of watching me learn.
  4. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    No I knew going into it he didn't have any money. It is fully modified. Recluze clutch, back break on handle bars, lowered pegs, tall bars and seat,18" rim,steering stablizer,supension by Design suspension. 3.1 ims tank. I have crashed this bike many time and not hurt the rad to bad. I was looking at the other one when I removed the left one and it is smashed a tiny bit on the fram side. This was a direct hit on log. I had to dig the rotten log out of the hole that the bottom bolt goes in that hold the plastic on. I had a honda 450x that I had to put braces on has there was damage from just falling over but I have been able to get by with the yz untill now.
  5. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    He got the wind knocked out of him. Bob the KTM rider was helping him get his helmet off. When he finally got it off I guess he was mad. It rolled down hill. He is used to riding a yamaha 250 endouro from 1984 that was not that well maintained from when his father gave it too him when his father purchased the drzs 400 brand new. That is why I think he stands up before he went off the trail he is used to a much shorter bike. The trail is around the browns camp area off hwy 6. It is called side winder. It has been closed for a long time and this is the first time I have ridden it in over a year. He was ejected from the bike more than dumping it. If he would have stayed on it longer he may have had a head-on with the tree that the bike comes to rest by. Turns out he is fine. Yes he wants to ride again. Any one who maintains a dirt bike well knows that it is about a 30 bill in maintenance and gas every 50 mile ride or less. Plus the gas to get there in the first place. Then clean the bike after etc... I like Jake but if it's going to cost 100 dollar bill per ride and time wrenching he needs to be a female.
  6. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    Yes he is lucky. At a point you can see were he stands up off the bike. His left foot is on the ground, he stands and the bike continues forward, he keeps his hands on the handle bars but one of them is the throttle so he ends up gassing it as he is going off the quad trail. The video really doesn't do it justice.
  7. gorry

    Guy crashed my bike!

    I call him a kid but he is 22. That's why I can play it in slow motion and laugh cause he is ok. As for the bike. Cruched radiator. It spouted a squirt leak on the top tank when under pressure after starting. Did not have gaurds. I limped it back to the truck after my friend told me to loosen the rad cap so it did not loose fluid fast. Earlyer in the day the young buck crashed and cracked the rear fender. (I was in front so did not get vid of it) his dad saw the that crash. I learned how to ride dirt bike on my 05 yz and scratched it up, bent shift levers and some bad crashes but did not do the damage he did. The radiators are narrow and are usually not effected on the YZ. I have rad gaurds on the honda 450 They have the radiator fixed for 65 dollars at Mac's radiator here in portland. I am surprized they could fix the left side rad it was bad I thought. The bike may have bent bars too I have not taken the front end apart and put it back together yet. I tried to Reorient the forks by hitting them on a tree but it did no good. No kick sand on either bikes. I thought about laying my bike down but his dad was behind me by that time and he has a kick stand.
  8. Hey guys. Here is a vid of my friends son riding my bike. He is riding my 250 yz modified for the woods. He is not an experienced rider but he was doing really good. I am following him on my track bike 450r. I took the 450 in the woods for the first time. It was awesome on the quad trails, never tried it on single track. Since Jake (crash victim) and his dad do not ride often we stayed on quad trails. The vid starts with a modified 250 exc ktm lead bike then my 250yz crash bike that I lent to Jake for the day, next me 450r with helmet cam, Joe, Jakes dad fallows on drzs 400 Suzuki.
  9. gorry

    Dog Bone Flip? Does it matter?

    Thanks for your responce. Yes when I get all the bolts that hold the linkage to gether the way the YZ manual shows the writing is up on the YZ. The Honda the bolt that links the bone and the elbow to gether can be reversed so even if there was a diagram in the owners manual it still would not be definative. Your right there is nothing in the owners manual of iether bike weather the dog bone writing is up of down. When I take it apart again I will make sure the writing face up if that is OEM. Thanks again.
  10. Does it matter if I install the dog bone upside down on either of my bikes? 07450r and 05yz250. Far as I can tell it just puts the pin or the nut on opposite sides. The yz manual does a good job of showing all linkage bolts and what sides the nuts are suppose to be on. The Honda manual does not. Obviously some only go one way but the dog bone can be fliped. Thanks for any input on clearing up this question.
  11. I am a novice to the mx track but have been riding in the woods since I purchased my first dirt bike yz250 around thanksgiving of 2004. In the last month I have tried the track and like it. Purchased new 07 450r crf few weeks ago to ride on the track. I am 45 yrs old 190lbs, 6ft 1" maybe a B rider in the woods but a beginer on the track. The bike seems good on the track to me. I just want to make sure my suspension is set up right for me and am getting the full benefit from it. When I set the race sag to 4" the free or static sag is 1 9/16". The owner manual says to have the race sag at 3.9" and the free sag should be between .4" and 1". I called the suspension expert that modified my Yz for the woods and he said if the race sag is at 4" the free sag should be 1" to 1 1/4". He also said if it is 1 9/16 the spring is to stiff for me. The om says if your race sag is right 4" and the free sag is less than .4" the spring is to stiff. Who is correct? They stated it in diffrent ways but they are opposite. The om also says the bike comes from the factory set up for a 150lbs to 160 lbs rider less riding equipment. My expert says he looked on a chart for spring wieght for this bike and said it was good up to 210 lbs. If any thing I would expect I need a stiffer spring not softer? This bike is for mx riding only. What do you guys think for my situation? Also if I change the back spring do I also change the front springs? If so which spring as there are two in the front forks? Thanks for your opinions and sorry for the repetative questions I have searched and will continue to search for info on this question for this bike.
  12. I probly should have taken your advice. I perchased an 07 new. Rode it once on the track. Going to have to grow in to it. Thanks for all the advice if it isn't the right bike for me it's going to take me a while to figure it out. Kinda stubborn that way. If I have to I will buy a 250f too what the heck olny young once:applause: Maybe I should of started on the smaller bike on the track. It did not seem a whole lot less managable tham the yz 250. Thanks evry one. Maddaddy: Sorry for not paying attension when you said you were a vet exspert that tells me right there you were on the track alot.
  13. I did the fork service on my 450x. Using the steel wrench I loosen the around 50 mm nut (on the very top.) and retighned it after service and when I was done the top of fork never looked the same. The top is aluminun and the steel cuts in to it. I have seen the top of the forks that looked just as after being serviced at the honds shop. Is there a techniqe for using steel on aluminum and not leaving marks? The guy who set up my suspension on my yz did it without leaving a mark. I don't think he wants to tell me how he did it or what tool he uses. I see in the tt store looks like there is a wrench that may have a plastic coating on it? I will have to call to find out cause you can't tell from the picture. Does any one want to reveal the secret? Do you use an aluminum wrench which would also be soft or plastic coated wrench or may be put panty hose over it and use steel. I want to do another fork service on my zero blemished forks but don't want the evidence left behind. I did search on fork maintenance but did not find any thing on this subject. Thanks for any input on this.
  14. gorry

    What to pay

    I notice Wisconsin and Tennasee bike are cheaper. Here in oregon 06 yzf 250 are 4900.00 OTD this includes title and doc. CRF250rs going for 5100 OTD the price also includes title and doc fees. To many people preferr to foget that the dealer charges about 105.00 fot title and doc. fees. Some dealers charge up to 600.00 for title,doc,frieght and set up. :ride: I will not pay these extra fees I will drive extra miles to give my bussiness to the dealer that actually honors the advertised price.