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    What a reply! Very well done MotoGreg Olson6
  2. while I've not lost anyone to riding, my 3 boys and I all race and my oldest was landed on this past Febuary in a race in texas. Knocked out- concussion-stopped breathing-chopper-hospital. Back on his feet 2 days later but many people thought all our bikes would be on sale the next day. They all mean well but just don't ride and CAN't understand doing something that can mean more than a broken nail. They are the same peoiple though that prayed for us and drove 2 1/2 hrs. to be with us at the hospital. Just thank them for their love and concern and leave other reponses checked. Sorry to hear of your loss Olson6
  3. OLSON6

    Zongshen Tranny

    Anybody have any fix for a Zongshen 110 that sounds like it's missing a couple teeth on the sprockets when your pulling wheelies or in heavy loam??? Thanks Olson6
  4. OLSON6

    Thumpstar 125 Pro / The U.P.C XSI Pro

    Fantastic - Great Pics. Olson6
  5. OLSON6

    How many have seen the CRASH FLASH?

    Mine was on a CR250
  6. OLSON6

    How many have seen the CRASH FLASH?

    I was trying out a bike in OK. out in a field. I was about to leave and hit a jump 3rd pinned - must have had a pretty good kicker. Endoed. Next thing I remember is pushing the bike up his drive(the guys house that was selling it) and thinking "What the heck am I doing pushing this bike and why is my hip hurting so bad and why am I coldsweating and shaking" . His house was a good 1/4 mi. from the field we rode. By the way - the bike was fine, the helmet was a little tweaked though. The other time was snowboarding - but this forums for bikes! Olson6
  7. OLSON6

    I got banned from Planet Minis

    I'd like to get the frame and all powder coated 1st, but I've been saying that now for few months since I finished it - My kids and I can't keep off of it long enough for me to take it apart and do that - It also needs new graphics. With that said i'll get some pics anyway and post them Thanks Olson6
  8. OLSON6

    I got banned from Planet Minis

    I built a bike -rather rebuilt an xr. The motor is a 110 Zong, Front forks and triples are from a 1979 SUZ 185(cut length to fit) rear shock is 1984 xr 250. Made the extended swingarm, frame extention for the 79 forks, foot peg brackets (foot pegs off a KTM 65, YZ 85 chain guide, lots more in the shop mods. and adjustments- and re-adjustments Rides and jumps great! The tranny in the Zong is a little weak though. Not counting the original cost of the 01xr bought used ($700) 4 yrs. ago I've got about $500 in it including the motor (if you don't count many hours of labor) Kinda like Jhonny Cash's Caddy - well its a 49,50,51,52........ Olson6
  9. My 13 yr. old son 5'8" 135# moved from a rm85 to a friend of mines cr 125 while i looked for a bike. He did good on the 125 but when i bought him an 03 YZ250f he has made good strides. The bike is easy to start - a little heavier but a whole lot less shifting and really hooks up in the corners I ride a 450f(i used to be a 2 stroker) and I've always said that "4 strokes make a old man faster and young man scream!!" Olson6
  10. OLSON6

    Rear wheel - Where??

    Pitster I sent you a pm - I'm not sure if you meant you had them or order them from pitster - either way I appreciate your help! Let me know Olson6
  11. OLSON6

    Rear wheel - Where??

    I've got a Thumpstar and spun the spokes out of the hub. I have had a LOT of trouble finding a replacement. My bike has disk brakes. Trying to find whole assembly or hub/spokes/rim. Checked w/Fast 50's, 50Caliber,and several more. Even tried Thumpstar but would like a heavier duty hub Thansk Olson6
  12. OLSON6


    Any tricks for bleeding especially front brakes? Front brakes on 03 yz250f were a little spongy -replaced the innards of the master and caliper and new pads. Had a lot of trouble bleeding it and never really got the crisp brakes I want Advise Please Thanks Olson6
  13. OLSON6

    POLL: new tire... new tube?

    Put a new one on - check the old one - if it's still good box it for a spare. Whats $8 or so bucks when you got the thing off anyway. We run 4 bikes and as was said "it is cheap insurance" Olson6
  14. OLSON6

    A Fellow Rider Needs Help !!!

    I responded in your last thread on this saying I was having the same problem and was taking out the clutch to inspect it. - I simply put in a clutch kit and it works perfect now. The clutch kit was a DP, not that Dp is the best- It just happened to be in stock at our local MX shop. I didn't drill any more holes (not that it's not a good Idea) Good luck! Olson6
  15. OLSON6

    Clutch Grabbing ?? Please Help....

    Finally someone with the same problem I'm having with an 03 250F Does yours do the same thing on holeshots- almost like you have dumped the clutch and then the lever starts moving in your hand? Taken mine apart and can't see anything unusual - Going to put a new clutch kit in and see. For now I don't know what will fix it - but it was interesting to hear someone have the same problem (sorry though) Olson6