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    I had rg3 done in the past, but I was not real crazy with the overall result. I now only go to www.smartsuspension.com He does a great job. I would say at least 50% of District 18 goes to this guy. He will even go the extra mile and test with you out at his track (if you are within driving distance). He is located in Nashville IL.
  2. kcg363

    06 yzf clutch

    I just put a new clutch in my 250f. The original had over a year on it with a lot of races. It could of kept going, but I decided to change it out. I put all new oem steels,fibers, and springs in. I want to know why I had so much play in my lever after the new install? I assumed it would be tight and I would have to loosen it up. I did adjust the play out and everything seems to be fine. I am just curious why it loosened up? Also, all the plates were installed correctly with the steel plates round edge facing down and the sharp edge facing up.
  3. I am repacking a silencer on a yam 250f. I am using the fmf packing. I was wondering if I should wrap it around the original steel wool that is in the center of the old packing, or should I just throw that out and pack it directly around the core? Thanks for the help
  4. kcg363

    best way to remove scratches

    Just get you some swingarm decals. They will cover up the scratches and prevent future ones!
  5. That tire can mount either way. I usually rotate my 756 after it starts to wear on one side. One thing you will want to look for is a little letter (. That ( should be located next to the rim lock when mounted.
  6. I already did a TT search, and I came up with nothing. I am looking for a new or used stock radiator for a 2006 yz 250f (left side). There has been nothing on ebay for the past couple of weeks. I am trying to find a better deal than $200 that was provided by my local shop. Any suggestions. Thanks
  7. kcg363


    Check out this edited version. I saved it on my computer before it was changed back. http://media.putfile.com/albertson-project-
  8. kcg363

    2006 yz250f oil help

    One measurement is for a rebuild (you don't need that). One is for a oil change with oil filter replacement, and the other is for oil change without oil filter replacement. Get a ratio cup and use the cc measurements on the cup. *oil change: 1150 cc *oil change with oil filter replacement: 1250 cc
  9. kcg363

    stripped oil drain plug

    Go Here: http://www.timesert.com/html/mtrcsert.html These are better than heli-coils!
  10. kcg363

    yz 2006 bolt on oil tank

    There is a tool made by motion pro. It is a wrench that hooks to your torque wrench. It has a 12mm on one side and a 14mm on the other. I torque my crank case bolt with it every-time. Works great!
  11. kcg363

    What to grease when buying an new bike?

    While we are on this subject, I am looking to grease my wheel bearings. Is there a trick to getting the wheel bearing seals out. I am trying to be as gentle as possible with these seals and I am having a hell of a time getting them out. thanks for the help.
  12. http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/lifestyle/stories.nsf/healthfitness/story/164F5C5F92200C2386257114000F545A?OpenDocument&highlight=2%2C%22brian%22+AND+%22mason%22 Here is a article from the St. Louis paper on a local privateer. It is a good read, but I am posting it on TT because of this statement: Supercross athletes are often cited as some of the most fit in sports. In fact, a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study recently pitted supercross athletes against professional football players and found the supercross athletes to be in better cardiovascular shape. I am just glad to see our sport is getting some recognition for the athleticism and endurance it takes to race a mx bike.
  13. kcg363

    06 stock chain

    I am looking to replace the stock chain on my bike with a racing chain that will not stretch with every two hours of riding. I have got around 7 hours on the bike so for. I have always kept the chain tight and lubed. Do you think I would be OK to just get the new chain, or will the chain wear out really quick with out new sprockets to go along with it? Remember the stock sprockets only have 7 hours on them, and the stock pair are sun-star which is a good brand in my opinion. Can I go the cheap route with just a new chain, or is this a bad idea? Thanks for the help
  14. kcg363

    06 slight bog

    2006 250f I just got done playing with my idle screw. I was having a hard time starting my bike until I played around with it. Now it starts up on the first kick. My first question is how high do you guys keep your idle turned up? I also have a slight bog I am looking to get rid of. I have not cleared anything big with the bike yet, but I am messing around on the smaller jumps on my track. I was jumping a little 30 foot double in 2nd gear, and when I landed it cut out so bad I about went over the bars. It was almost like I hit neutral. I can not get a Boyesen quick shot cover because I am running the stock class for Loretta's. Does anyone have any little jetting tips to fix this? I did a search, but did not quite find what I was looking for. Thanks for the help
  15. kcg363

    Keeping Fit for MX

    Go with the elliptical. I personally get winded a lot quicker with a elliptical over a stationary bike!