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  1. JammerJ

    '06 TE 510 pipe (can) rubbing rear tire...?

    You may be able to knock of the nobby's that are rubbing without hurting you riding perfomance, hacksaw or dremal, just a thought.
  2. I am looking at a Mikuni TMR38 off a 05 TC 250 Husky and want to replace my Delorto on a 99 TE 410 Husky. Would it be an easy bolt on? What is that electronic fitting above the choke? and does the TMR have an accelerator pump? What should I be concerned with? I do not have any electronic fittings on mine. Mine is also a round slide. The intake boot is within .100" in diameter. The guy wants 75.00 and it includes the choke assembly, and throttles cables/housing.
  3. I am looking at a Mikuni TMR38 off a 05 TC 250 Husky and want to replace my Delorto on a 99 TE 410 Husky. Would it be an easy bolt on? What is that electronic fitting above the choke? and does the TMR have an accelerator pump? What should I be concerned with? I do not have any electronic fittings on mine. Mine is also a round slide. The intake boot is within .100" in diameter. The guy wants 75.00 and it includes the choke assembly, and throttles cables/housing.
  4. JammerJ

    Mikuni instead of Delorto?

    Thanks, just a ball park idea on the jetting would be great, also if you have the needle #. I would expect the 250 to be on the lean side, but not sure how lean. I would like to tune from the rich end down to the lean side. Do you know if that carb has an accelerator pump? I always loved the kunis, easy to dial in and forgiving if you don't get it right the first time. I put a HSR 42 on my fatboy and would hope the TMR would be the same, I have allot of jets. Thank you, Tollie Perry
  5. JammerJ

    Bike pics

    1999 TE 410 Yes those are twin pipes, and to think Honda bragged about it on their CR250F in 2006, 7 years later. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b42/jammerjay/huskyrear.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b42/jammerjay/husky.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b42/jammerjay/husk.jpg
  6. Does anyone know if a Mikuni TMR 36 off a 2004 TE 250 will fit on a 99 TE 410? I would be replacing the 36 mm delorto. Not sure if the boots would match up, or is there any other concerns I should be aware of? Would it be a great benifit to change or should I stick with the delorto? Thanks Ya'll JammerJ in PA.
  7. JammerJ

    Shock swap

    Do ya'll think a rear shock from a 2004 Husqvarna TC 450 would fit my 99 TE 410? I noticed the rebound adjustments are on the opposite side, but wonder if I can rotate the upper collar to the left side rather than the right side. I am not sure about the length, and bolt diameters, width, etc... I want to do this cause mine needs a rebuild and I do not race, just ocasional woods riding. Thanks
  8. I was wondering if anyones knoews if the baja designs dual sport ez mount kit requires a stator rewind for my 99 TE 410 with kick start?
  9. JammerJ

    hus dealer

    I too am a new husky owner and thats the biggest gripe I have. I thought maybe I would see some aftermarket items in the various US catalogs such as BOBS, Mottorcycle accessories warehouse,Rocky mountain Motorcycle ect. Sorry but if you don't run any of the big four and perhaps have a KTM as a playbike your out of luck. I have a so called Husky dealer in Scranton PA, but he has almost nothing in stock, he claims he'll order it though. My problem with this is by the time I call him long distance, then hope that we are talking the same part as I don't have any visual cues, then drive the 50 mile there and 50 miles back, pay state sales tax. Hell I might of well have mail ordered the parts. It deffinately would be faster, cheaper, and delivered while I am working. So we are back to mail orders, but who has an extensive online catalog for huskies? Someone said there is place in australia that has a 3 or 4 day turn around, and the exchange rate on the US dollar is much better. But I still feel this is very extreme for the 21st century, granted in my area I think I am still waiting on Y2K. Thank god Huskies don't go through parts like the big 4 do.
  10. JammerJ

    making the 410 work

    Charlie, The carb on the fatboy is a mikuni HSR 42 which has five circuits that overlap one another, this includes the accelerator pump. It seems unusual that you would only have a rich condition during cold starts. Not knowing which model you have also makes it tough. Here are some sites I found in the yahoo search. Although five circuits may seem like allot to tune, I veiw this as being more forgiving in the long run, and really makes a difference when fine tuning. http://www.mikuni.com/fs-tuning_guide.htmlhttp://victorylibrary.com/tech/mikuni-3.htm http://www.lafishmag.com/CarbTuning.html http://www.geocities.com/mraxl/carb/mikuniindex.html One other thing worth noting is when you cold start you use the choke I presume. Therefore, the choke is off once warmed up and the bike is fine. I believe based on that information that perhpas its something within the choke circuit. I want to say the plunger may be sticking or the cable may need adjustment. I would also check the intake and exhaust, granted if you have an intake leak it would be lean, but check the airfilter to be sure its clean, and not over oiled. Also check your exhaust/silencer packing. Either one of these two item that may limit airflow would create a rich condition. Your bike may actually run better than you expect. I wish I could be more help....I love carburators, and while nothing talks like cubic inches, carburators only optimize what we already have.
  11. JammerJ

    making the 410 work

    Not sure if you got your jetting done yet, I am away from home and have limited computer access. I must agree with eurofreak. Typically more than 2.5 turns out will require a change to the next larger pilot jet. As the increase in turns will lean it out. Typically, I do not mess with the needle height until I feel I am close to my final jetting. This is more a a fine tuning tool. I always pick a normal riding day for my area as cold temps will lean it out affecting your final jetting. In summer, high humidity will fatten it up giving you rich conditions. Either of these will effect the outcome. Pick a good day with normal temps and humidity. Also as euro pointed out make suble adjustments, not allot at one time. I also like to record in my owners manual each adjustment I make and note the affected throttle position. This way you can go back to a previous setting and correct something else if the intended performance was not acheived. Also worth noting is if you think you are lean, hold the throttle steady and you should detect some surging in the engine. I copied my tuners guide for you, it connects to my Harley site but there is some usefull info at the bottom of the page to help you detect different conditions that affect carb tuning. For richer or leaner. http://home.epix.net/~tjperry/2nd_page.html
  12. JammerJ

    Steering Stabilizers

    Just a quick note on the welding, I think the frame is chrome moly, therefore, I would excercise caution. In most cases if not performed correctly it'll weaken the frame as the heating will make the frame more mallable leading to potential failure. I have heard this happening before but never dealt with it personally. I am a welding inspector and work mostly with carbon and stainless. I did do a search and found the following if you should choose to weld it on. http://www.lincolnelectric.com/knowledge/articles/content/chrome-moly.asp Good luck.
  13. What do ya'll think about the quality on the Baja Designs road legal kit? I want to get something for my 99 TE 410. I live in pennsylvania and need the full kit..turn signals, brake light, horn, hi-lo headlights, ect.....
  14. JammerJ

    Help with TE410 Plug and gap

    I thought my owners manual says .024"-.028" for a 99 410TE.
  15. JammerJ

    Time for a new carb

    I used to have an L model and found the best mods where from the white brothers in california, they do their own R&D. First off loose all the weight, this be the air injection and the emisions bullshit, swap out the tail light and the steel tank for an IMS unit. You should be able to drop almost 15 pounds. Get the dynojet kit for the carb, retrofit an FMF reverse megaphone exhaust from a XR 650, I know it'll fit because I did it. Drop a tooth on the countershaft and get a white brothers power up kit. This consist of a higher compression piston and a broader cam. You'll run circles around most anything else. 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies at the flick on a wrist. Key parts for the work came from thumper racing, baja designs, and white brothers racing. It will cost abit, so have some left over for the suspension cause this is where it really lacks, and after the mods the suspension will not keep up. Good luck and have fun. I had a guy from Michigan come out to buy it, he had looked at 3 others nation wide and settled on mine after riding it, he said it was unlike any other one he had rode, had a grin ear to earwhen he came back from the test ride...funny thing is I live in pennsylvania so I kind of believed him. This time I opted for a Husky TE410, its more aggressive for offroad riding, and figure I would get the bajadesign road legal kit. It'll be cheaper than getting a road legal bike and doing all the stuff I just told you in the long run.