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  1. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    No mercy asked for none given! With a mug like the one in the picture, I would sell my 450 and get a face transplant. Since I don't know you, and don't know you humor. I gave you the chance to be cool. But you like playing the ass, so what did you expect me to do, kiss your ass for the picture. If so then you don't know me at all. MikeW A Texan. You can stick your picture between Tim F. B. and Harry Ass. As far as having a bad day, you just made it for me! T.F.B.
  2. mikew_houston

    did you guys see the kawi release for world sx?

    So if Bubba, DNF's what is his excuse going to be this time. The bike is so fast it makes my head head spin and my tail squirt. Thanks MikeW Sould make for some interesting races.
  3. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    T.F.B. Are you as ugly as the picture indicates! You can kiss my F.B.s for being such a prick! I just wanted to see if you were going to be a nice guy, when I said we are at your mercy. But it was 50/50 and my bet was against you. No Thanks MikeW
  4. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    Hi All, I tried looking up the part on the web, seems it is too new. So we are at T.F.B.'s mercy. So mostly mighty one can you please post a picture? Thanks, MikeW Fellow Honda Rider!!!!
  5. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    Hi Tim, Could you not think about it so long? Thanks MikeW
  6. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    Hi, That would be nice if you can post a picture of it. Thanks MikeW
  7. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    Hi Adam, Well I am going to start using engine ice, but might hold of till spring. When it starts to warm up. So where and how big a hole is in the 06 impeller? From my poll, it looks like 40% of the 05's run hot. Mine is one of them. Thanks, MikeW
  8. mikew_houston

    Urban Legend?

    Hi, I was told buy an unnamed source that, their was a recall on the water pump, for the 450. Supposedly they drill a small hole to relieve cavitation, any truth too this? Thanks, MikeW
  9. mikew_houston

    Any Thoughts?

    First check your oil to see if you have rad fluid in it. If so you have a bearing problem. Next I would look check the harmonic balancer's balancer bearing. Then start pulling the topend. MikeW
  10. mikew_houston

    Does your crf run hot

    Hi All, Well the poll, supports my theory: The 05 runs hoter than other years. So for the guys who's bikes run hot, are you using stock jetting? If not are you using the JD jetting kit? I am going to get the JD kit. I have an 02 & 05 and I rode them the same day under the same conditions an the 02 didn't boil, but the 05 did. My 02 was running rich and the 05 had a slight pop on deceleration. Thanks MikeW
  11. mikew_houston

    I need a new left side radiator

    I crushed my left Radiator about two years ago, I found a place in the back of Dirt Bike (Maylar's) I think, so I sent it in, and for a very reasonable price they fixed it, could not tell it was ever damaged. I think it was about $35 for the repair plus shipping. What a deal! Thanks, MikeW Beware of china!
  12. mikew_houston

    Dealer rode the "new" off my bike!

    Hi, Where you the guy on the new 450 at 3 Palms this past Saturday? Nice bike. MikeW #194
  13. mikew_houston

    Does your crf run hot

    Thanks, You did a good job, but the poll does not let us vote more than once. So if you have more than one bike, you can't vote on it. To bad the poll will not allow multi checks. But we should get some feel for how the bikes run. Thanks again! Can you edit the poll? If so maybe you can have two. One for each model year that does run hot and one for each model year that does not run hot.
  14. Hi, I would like to see a poll done on the following: Does your CRF (02-06) run hot. I suspect the 02's do not and the 05's do, so I am curious to see what the other years do. Could it be the 05 has smaller radiators or more compression? Curious minds want to know! Thanks MikeW Thanks for the spelling lesson! Beware of China!
  15. mikew_houston

    Free no toil filter 02-06 crf450

    For the 05, none of the after market filters are the same shape, and I have used the No-Toil and a Twin-Air on it, but none fit like the stock one! MikeW