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  1. Aaron DV

    How many miles on one stock tank?

    Thanks for the words. I like the sound of that 45 per gallon. I'm going to carry some spare gas with me on my next ride and find out for sure....but I hope I could get the 45. Thanks agian.
  2. Does anyone know about how many miles you can get out of one tank on a stock 450 x?
  3. Aaron DV

    X-tra Oil reservoir on my 450x?

    Ya baja designs told me the same thing....which led me to believe that the 450 X didn't need one. Are the two bikes oil capacity the same?
  4. Aaron DV

    X-tra Oil reservoir on my 450x?

    I just got my 450x and am in the process of getting it ready for long enduro rides like Baja. My friend seized his 250 x last time we were down there and told me that I need to get an xtra oil reservoir to increase the bikes over all captivity. I've looked around and only find them for the 250x. Do I really need this thing?
  5. Aaron DV

    Baja tanks for my 450 x?

    I just got my Honda 450 x and want to add on a bigger tank for long rides. I was just wondering for those of you that have done it how does it effect the look of the bike. Do the stock plastics still fit around the new tank (especially on the 4 gal.) And how does it effect the handling of the bike if at all?