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  1. FinnKTM

    EnduroCross Pics...Husky....oh!

    Some time ago I maintained Mika's website (www.mikaahola.com) but then, after a couple of years online, we decided to call it quits because He didn't have time to write stories for the site. I agree that Mika is one of the most laid back guys there is. We see each other from time to time when he is here in Finland and sometimes go riding together. To tell the truth, he's not very keen on practicing when he comes here.
  2. FinnKTM

    Endurocross looks bad ass.

    That Husky guy happens to be Huqvarnas factory enduro rider Mika Ahola.
  3. FinnKTM

    KTM 450 SX 2004 Weak points?

    Yep. I have those old hex head bolts. I'll change them to 12.9 allen heads, when I get a hold of that friggin torque wrench! Will have to see about those seals. Thanks!
  4. FinnKTM

    KTM 450 SX 2004 Weak points?

    What's wrong with the stock seals and what would you recommend in place of them? Have you replaced the cam cover bolts? There was a big thread in KTMTalk.com about the bolts snapping.
  5. Hello to all of you at TT! I've ridded my new 450 SX for a few times now and I have to say the bike is the best I have ever had! I'm thinking of keeping it longer than my previous bikes and really try to learn about four-strokes. The bike is just about broken in and I have already changed the oil once, wich was propably a bit too early, as I had then only ridden for about an hour. After a few more hours of riding I'm planning on doing a bigger maintenance, including oil change, valve-adjustment and changing brake and clutch fluids and maybe even the fork oil. I believe that the '04, as any bike has some weak points and flaws that are propably corrected in latter models. So if you could share me with some tips about what parts of the bike should I pay more attention to or maybe replace/strenghten early on to avoid any major problems. Thanks in advance!