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  1. ThorMxRacer09

    Anyone Selling an 01-02 YZF250F

    Im on a tight buget so I am looking for the 01 or 02 and I will just buy the cam upgrade. Idk anyone that would sell a 03+ that hasn't been raced for $2000-2500.
  2. ThorMxRacer09

    Anyone Selling an 01-02 YZF250F

    Lemay I am Intrested but the only problem is you live in Missouri. Do you have any pictures though. PM me. Thank you.
  3. I am looking to buy an 01-02 YZF250F in the Connecticut area. If anyone has any pm me or leave a reply. Thank you.
  4. ThorMxRacer09

    Pics of My Converted Bike

    Awsome job! Looks great!
  5. ThorMxRacer09

    New Valves

    Awsome...Thanx a lot everyone!!!
  6. ThorMxRacer09

    New Valves

    Anyone know how much new valves cost for an 04 CRF250R? Also, if you know any websites let me know please. Thank You!
  7. ThorMxRacer09

    Travis TV

    I think it was pretty good. The only thing I found weird was that it must have been a long time ago because some of the footage was from TPNC2 and TPNC3. Well, IDK , It was good and I hope there will be a series.
  8. ThorMxRacer09

    New video cOuAproduction

    Awsome vid!!!!
  9. ThorMxRacer09

    Surprise of the SX Year

    Ivan is one of my favorites and man he is consitent!!! I mean this guy gives Chad a little run for his money. Also, I don't think it should really be called the Top 3, The Top 2 because Ricky and James are really beyond the rest of the field. Chad is very fast but by next year I definitly think Ivan could possibly be that third man in the Top 3. I mean I am not hating on Reed but the only reason he won St. Louis was because Ricky and James went down. But hey, that is my 2 sense. GO IVAN!!!!!!!!
  10. ThorMxRacer09

    Tired Of Back Flips On X Games

    In NC3 there is a guy that does something of an underflip barrel roll but he falls off. It is the part when the do the Red Bull X- Fighters comp in Spain. If you have the DVD look for it. It looks very cool. I think that Travis has already set the bar higher in FMX and others are going to have to step up or else Travis is going to really own all the comps. Just my two sense.
  11. ThorMxRacer09

    James Reed Spotted!!!

    Lmao!!!! That is great!!!
  12. ThorMxRacer09

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    Thor Force. The Rubatone Red/Black!!!! Looks great and works well.