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  1. Mounted up the petcock to the new clarke tank, put the gas in and it is leaking from under the rubber gasket. We are going to try slathering some RTV aroudnd the mounting point. Has this happened to anyone else? Did I maybe screw the screws too tight? Too loose? Crap. Will let you know if the RTV works, this could be an expensive little problem.
  2. Georgiapeach

    Running Too Lean?

    Thanks, I am going to keep your instructions and that Pdf on my harddrive. We found some green gunk at the bottom of the float bowl and cleaned that out. We checked to make sure the bowls were not stuck, but did not take out the plug for the fuel screw. I emptied the tank and put in fresh gas, put the recharged battery in and it is now running like before. So we are good for now. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Georgiapeach

    Running Too Lean?

    Ok, I am looking at page 5-4, is it under Disassembly instructions: 1. Remove Float chamber 1 Pilot screw - 2 (Except for USA). is it the Pilot screw shown as Item 2? In the USA it is plugged? And to get the plug out, you drill a small hole, put a screw in it and yank it out with pliers? Thanks again.
  4. Georgiapeach

    Running Too Lean?

    I am having same problem, bike sits for three weeks then I can't start it. Use starter spray and the bike starts then immediately dies. Does anyone have a picture of the location of the plug for the fuel screw? I am looking at the pictures in the service manual and can't seem to locate it. Please do not make fun of me, I am a woman and am trying to learn. I have learned how to install lowering links and have changed out gas tanks, but have never touched a carburetor out of sheer fear. This is my next challenge. So anything you can tell me/show me would be appreciated. Georgia
  5. Georgiapeach

    xt225 or crf230l

    I am a female and owned a CRF230 (was my son's) and I felt the seat height was a little tall and the bike felt a little heavier than the XT 225 which I bought for myself. We sold the Honda. Actually I am thinking about getting an 09 super sherpa, someone talke me out of it. The seat height is perfect for my 5'5" frame, whereas I feel the XT is a little low. But the Sherpa weighs like 40 pounds more....makes me wonder if I'd be able to pick it up at 282 pounds dry.
  6. Georgiapeach

    mounting rod for Clarke tank???

    I used it, but wrapped it with electrical tape where it looked light it might be likely to rub something.
  7. Georgiapeach

    I year old Battery Died

    Bike just turned one year and Battery is dying, should I just go ahead and replace it?
  8. Georgiapeach

    Off Topic, But I Need Help Deciding

    Go with the lower pipes, I have had hard chrome pipes on my 1300 and that pipe that sits up by your thigh gets REALLY HOT on your leg.
  9. Georgiapeach

    stator cover gaurd??

    I wouldn't ride mine until I armoured it. I'm 5'5" and I knew I would drop it eventually. My husband didn't armour his CRF450X because he said he couldn't find anything available, then he slipped it in the mud and sure enough cracked through his case, leak, leak. This was after giving me a whole bunch of grief 'cause I wouldn't ride mine til it was armoured. Note to guys: I didn't even say "I told you so"....
  10. Georgiapeach

    Is the DRZ really a dualsport??

    I 'inadvertently' jumped a 10" - 12" log which I wasn't ready for head on (target fixation on the 6" log in front of it). At the moment of truth I remember thinking "it's a dirt bike, she can do it" and she did, it was my landing that did me in. (And that was when I still had the 'deathwings' on her) I try to keep it under 80 (suzuki mph) that's when the head buffeting starts. What's 'loose shingle'?
  11. Georgiapeach

    Installing a Clarke Tank - any hints?

    Finally got the tank in. Washed it out like you guys said and one chunk of drilled plastic did come out. My husband 'let' me do this by myself while he was busy doing something else. Here's my one dumb move - drained the stock tank with the petcock "On" then took the tank off and realized there was still gas in there - D'oh! shoulda put the petcock on 'Reserve'....like I've said before, I am still learning. Actually the stock tank drains faster with the petcock on "Prime." Another thing, we did have to slightly enlarge the hole for the petcock to go into place. We did this very carefully. After I got everything disassembled and transferred the petcock, hubby came over to help me with fitment of the new tank. After reading a few posts about this, we took our time, then used a little force to line up the mounting holes. He held it up, while I connected the hoses and I could see the vacuum hose was going to be a stretch, but we went ahead and bolted everything up and put gas in it. No leaks, bike started right up, but....the kink in the vacuum hose would keep stalling it. No worries, now that I have all this experience I can 'easily' take it all apart again and roll down to the shop to secure another hose. Now I have four projects 'under my belt': Kouba links, handlebar risers, replaced grips, installed Clarke tank. (My first oil change was a whole other story..had one oops moment there with the o ring on the filter)
  12. I should have my clarke tank any day. Any hints or things to watch out for? My hubby just removed the tank on his CRF and the petcock assembly caught on the wire to his coil and disconnected it. Anything like that happen? Also what is the absolute best way to stop (or hinder) the gas flow until you can get the hose to a receptacle. Thanks guys.
  13. Georgiapeach

    How to fill float bowls after draining them?

    No I am not retarded, just a woman who is learning and I wondered, how the gas got back in and how you knew when the float bowl was actually full since you can't see it. So, it is just a matter of having the petcock turned on? Because telling me to 'turn on the gas' is not really specific enough or do you meant 'twist the throttle". Thank you to those who took me seriously I am very inquisitive in nature and sometimes a question may sound stupid, but I really don't know how 'everything' works or happens.
  14. We just did a rejet on the CRF 450X, had to drain the float bowl to put in the new jet. Alot of gas came out, after putting everything back together, how do you get that much gas back in it? Of course, bike won't start now.
  15. Georgiapeach

    I saw one of these in a parking lot today...

    That is my second bike (f650gs) - so what are you implying? There are many places where I would take the DR-Z where I would never take the f650gs and vice versa. The f650gs is a great day trip bike with decent wind protection for the two lanes, so there! I save the DR-Z for the gnarly stuff, But I love them both equally (in case they are reading this)