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  1. CRFDesertBoy

    So I just bought a DRZ400 for $800....

    You really should look at the float valve. The petcock getting stuck on is a problem but the carb wouldn't have over flowed if the float valve wasn't stuck open too. Mine did the same thing. First time I just fixed the petcock. Then like a dumb ass I left it on prime and it flooded up again.
  2. CRFDesertBoy

    What are Chad and Ricky planning? Something about "change"

    It's probably something more like what happened in NASCAR last year, all the big teams formed the the NASCAR teams alliance. Basically a teams union. Nothings come of it yet but many speculate they'll go after their share of the tv money.
  3. CRFDesertBoy

    As racing

    It's been a few years. Had a disaster experience with the dealer in Reno. Sent my head with all the parts down to AS, 4 days later my head is back. Bike still runs great today valves haven't needed adjustment sence the initial inspection. I recommend AS to anyone
  4. CRFDesertBoy

    First Enduro How to get plate number

    It's been a while. But when I did them, the number was assigned to you either by pre entry or when you sign up at the event. The front plate is all that needs to be numbered. It was ghetto but because I never pre entered I went the electrical tape route.
  5. CRFDesertBoy

    fuel range question

    I've ran my stock 05 tank dry at around 80 miles. This was moderate desert riding mostly in the top gears 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Haven't ran out in the single track woods but I know it burns more gas in those conditions.
  6. CRFDesertBoy

    pilot jet clogged with pieces of rubber?

    Ok the bike is an 05, original fuel line. That's the first thing I'm replacing. The o ring on the bottom plug for the carb was ok. Next could be seals on the petcock. And I'm not ruling out fuel contaminants as my gas cans ben around a wile too. Thanks guys I got time Sunday to check things out.
  7. CRFDesertBoy

    pilot jet clogged with pieces of rubber?

    So like the title says, I was having issues with my bike stalling wile off the gas and clutch disengaged. (clutch pulled in) A quick search here showed that the pilot could be partially clogged, as it started and idled fine. Sure enough one of the holes had a small piece of rubber partially clogging it. My thought is a broken o ring but where as it ended up in the pilot jet.
  8. I don't think its possible any more. I'm not an expert but last I heard all the loop holes are closed for getting a dirt bike past the system.
  9. CRFDesertBoy

    The AMA point system!

    Speaking from experience with circle track racing using the throw out. I've actually lost spots because I didn't have as bad a night as the guy behind me. Meaning he had less points to throw out than I did. Now you could also argue that if my good points nights were better, the guy behind me wouldn't be that close. And that's true. But like I said before it sucks to loose because your worst race wasn't as bad as the other guys.
  10. CRFDesertBoy

    Trying to go street legal

    Baja designs sells kits, there is no shortage of DS kits out there. a Google search will turn up lots. Before you spend any money check and see if you can register a dirt bike in your state. Then find out what equipment is required.
  11. CRFDesertBoy

    2006 Honda CRF 450X Street Legal Kit?

    ^^^^^ what he said, and check out the 450x forum there are alot of guys with plated 450x's in there.
  12. CRFDesertBoy

    Virginia City Grand Prix - Just Signed Up

    My avatar is from last years VCGP last year it was a 33 mile loop year befor about 45 miles, I'm a average rider I did 5 loops last year. you can stop in the pit every lap its ok just take it easy they dont like you going fast in there the city is 6220 ft thats about the highest you get as the corse happens below the city Tires, two years ago I used an intermediat tire and it went away about 3 laps in (conditions are very rocky) last year I used a hard dunlop desert tire and it was still in pretty good condition after the event. I ride a CRF 450x the weather is kinda up in the air this time of year last year it snowed the day befor but on race day it was about 60* with a good wind blowing perfect for riding I never got hot. just be ready for cold weather It can happen. Its a great time they close down main street for the start, the corse is mostly two track mining roads with lots of rocks. you'll go up and down the hill side and there is usualy about 3/4 mile road section to realy get some speed. Its pretty brutal just kinda pace yourself and keep an ear out behind you for the pros they'll be coming. I'm on the fence on doing it this year I'll probly do it though check out VCGP.com
  13. CRFDesertBoy

    bike runs rough, now won't start

    are you using the right timing mark for the crank? I have a hard time seeing it so I sick a rod down the spark plug hole to see it go up and down and see where TDC is at.
  14. CRFDesertBoy

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    I got 16th out 42 in the open amature class, realy wanted a top 10 so I could get a trophy but I need to improve. ELBOWS UP!!!!! I need to work on that I realy like this one, it makes me look fast
  15. CRFDesertBoy

    How would you respond?????

    In my opinion she needs to mind her own business, its your family you can recrate with them as you please. I would just cut them off from my life. Maybe send her statistics about children injured playing base ball, and foot ball. and I would let her know thank you for your concern but I will raise my children the way I see fit.