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  1. the lad

    e carb

    No i already have the e model , his feedback seems good , i do need a ton of parts just not these !
  2. the lad

    Can any UK DRZ-ers give me an opinion / lend a hand?

    Yea just seen that , had previousley seen drz barrell & piston on ebay ah well. Good work on the shipping though!
  3. the lad

    Can any UK DRZ-ers give me an opinion / lend a hand?

    Nate , dont want to put a damper on your deal but , if by any chance you cannot find cheaper shipping, and do not want to go ahead with deal,would you please let me know. i have within last week seized my e model . will be delighted for you to get cheaper shipping rate , Ivan.
  4. the lad

    e carb

    e model carb on ebay uk, item number 250014485302. also an e model cdi from same seller, thought someone would be looking for the carb Im not the seller btw
  5. the lad


    Anyone going this weekend ? I ask because my regular training partner Alister Seely is racing an ex Jason da Salvo R 6 ,His first time in the good old U.S.A. He"s been riding lots of dirt over the winter, him on the crf 250 & me on the 400 e ,apart from a broken clutch lever & cracked ribs on my part everythings been going ok Give him a wave or amaze him by saying Ivan said, keep her lit
  6. the lad

    Clutch questions...

    Looking good , let us know how you get on
  7. the lad

    Clutch questions...

    Steve , here are the dimensions of my recluse waiting to be installed , casalated edge to casalated edge across center line 149mm , circular part of clutch 138.5mm , depth 13.5mm , sliding fit with my trusty (non digital) vernier. If you need any more let me know & good luck with the recovery
  8. the lad

    Split this forum?

    thats like seperating twin brothers & putting them in different homes , no way
  9. the lad

    Credibility Post - Thumbs UP to "The Lad"

    good to hear the payment went through ok, & many thanks for the fast turn around "10 guy" im gonna take you up on that.
  10. the lad

    my new purchase

    rear brake on bars i have tried before and really liked ,with that & clutch its less to worry about when you bomb into a corner 20 mph to quick
  11. the lad

    how about these beauties....

    uk price around £6000 for the enduro & £6400 for the supermoto, claimed 65 bhp and should be here by end of year, also a 550 version coming later
  12. the lad

    my new purchase

    as i was highest bidder i got the second chance buy it now option @ the same price , "Neil" you seem well pleased with the fmf header pipe ? "10 guy" you have almost talked me into the rekluse clutch already
  13. the lad

    my new purchase

    ebay item 8001471055, was thinking of a new e but thought this was to good to pass on, its not home yet, but am already thinking about mods,full system & rekluse clutch would be nice like christmass all over again,
  14. the lad

    04 te 510 your veiws please

    Thanks for all the replys, seems the decision is almost made,:thumbsup:1 other concern is that @ 5"8 will i need a step ladder to climb aboard, + would i be right in thinking there should be sm wheels available, seems like it would wheelie for
  15. the lad

    04 te 510 your veiws please

    thanks for the reply,just wanted to check that the 04 has no real problems,from what i have read the motor seems good looking for long term bike