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  1. blum55

    how do u clean the idle circuit

    does the 150 have tht knob also?
  2. my bike wont idle and i heard sum1 say cleaning the idle circuit would help.... does this mean spraying carb cleaner in the pilot screw hole?
  3. blum55

    Winterizing Your Bike

    thanks a lot for the link
  4. i live on long island, new york and its starting 2 get cold maybe a low of around 40 degrees and a high of about 55 degrees... wen should i winterize my bike and how do i do it?
  5. does any1 know the factory adjust ment for the pilot screw and the other screw.. i 4got wut it is... the idel screw or throttle stop screw i hav no idea... neways, i was trying 2 make an adjustment because my bike wont idle and i wanna bring it back to factory settings so i can start over
  6. blum55

    *STICKY*: Part numbers for 150F Power Up

    would these jets work for an altitude of 200 ft above sea level? the average temp. here is probably 65-75
  7. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    which is the idle screw?
  8. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    thank u very much man! 1 more question... i filled it up with regular gas wen i got it... was that a bad idea?
  9. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    my moms boyfriend said somthing about running kerosene through it to loosen crap up... hes been riding bikes his whole life so i guess he knows what hes talking about
  10. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    how can i clean the idle jet out?
  11. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    how do i do that? and which screw is the feul screw.. the one on the bottom of the carb or the middle of the carb?
  12. blum55

    someone please help me with my 150

    tried that all ready and it still wont idle. i did look at the airbox but that was before i found TT and knew anything about the snorkel
  13. ok so heres my problem... i bought a hardly used fully stock 2003 CRF 150f on ebay. the previous owner popped the clutch, fell off, and never got back on after only riding it for about 10 miles. it has been sitting in a garage ever since. so i had it shipped from illinois to new york where i live, and go to start it and it took me a few hours to get it started since its my first bike and all. once i finally get it started after messing around with different techniques and choke positions, i found out tht it starts on the 2nd kikc on half choke and with a little bit of throttle. so i get it running and rev it up for a little bit and open the choke. after doing this and trying to let it idle, i find out that it keeps stalling whenever i try to let it idle. so i mess around with the choke trying it in differnet positions and after like 3 hours of trying 2 figure somthing out, i got fed up wiith it and left it alone for what was left in the day... so... can anyone tell me what this might be or how to fix it? any help would be more than appreciated. and this is my first bike but i am pretty knowledgable about engines and what not.