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    1974 TS185 questions.

    Thanks for the replies. This will be my wife's bike also, or a buddy bike. Maybe this bike is a 1975 model as it was manufactured 12/74. I see the marks on the oil pump, but no mark on the slide. Are there two different models of carb? I adjusted to the marks at WFO. There is no spark arrester on it, I guess I will try to order one based on the size of the exaust tip. (stock exaust) I rode it around a little in my driveway last night and it reminds of my bikes when I was a kid. It needs work. Clutch cable is not stock and will not disengege the clutch so I had to roll it to put it in gear. It actually runs pretty good once it gets going. Thanks for the tip on the clutch part #. Scott
  2. EssToy

    1974 TS185 questions.

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your replies. I picked up a 1974 ts 185 a few weeks ago, and it was a mess. (3000 mi.) I ordered some parts and repaired it to a running state. I also have a manual on the way, but it will be a few weeks. I have a few questions for the people who know: 1 System voltage? 2 Oil pump adjustment? 3 Kill switch wiring? 4 Spark arrester? (Hopefully this bike will be used on USFS roads.) Thank you, Scott:ride:
  3. EssToy

    Snowed in

    Hi all, First post here, but i've been viewing for some time now. I am just wishing I could ride, but the snow is deep here, and the roads are a sheet of ice. 4 wheel drive is hardly a benefit. Any way cheers to all who can ride today, have fun. Scott 05 drz400s