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    2006 Cylinder Head

    They made the seats softer to be easier on the valves. I know it doesn't make sense, but when the valves go bad, they in turn will damage the seats. It supposed to be a better match of metals.
  2. Where is it located?
  3. GoRide

    pic test

    It's amazing how looking at good rich soil can get your heart pumping . That stuff is like brown gold! It looks like expensive real estate. I don't know about the big island, but on Oahu that bit of land would be worth millions.
  4. GoRide

    Rekluse z-clutch with brake kit review

    You're right about that. I thought I was getting the over-ride when I bought the "dual lever kit". I'm going to see about getting it.
  5. GoRide

    Rekluse z-clutch with brake kit review

    I think it would be even better with a two stroke, but I don't have any first hand knowledge. It comes with a perch adjuster so you can fine tune where you want it to hit. Dang, I sound like a salesman.
  6. GoRide

    Rekluse z-clutch with brake kit review

    Think about it. With the dual lever kit (misleading. It means that you get to use foot and left lever), you have your rear brake right there at your left hand. I can't tell you how many times going into a right hand turn I was slowed down a bit by having to break with my foot. I did try to use my clutch a few times to find a little suprise , but I've gotten used to it after one day's ride.
  7. I just installed it and took it to the track. The brake takes some getting used to but the Z does everything they say. It feathers the clutch in the turns precisely. If you are in too high of a gear, it corrects it for you by clutching perfectly. I fell pretty hard once and lost my grip on the bars. The bike kept running, I picked it up, got on and took off without missing a beat (it was still in gear). Right hand turns are awesome. Break slide with the left and lever and get on the gas. Too high of a gear coming out of a turn to a jump? No problem. You need to brake off of a jump? No need to grab the clutch, just tap your foot brake. Great job Rekluse! I know I improved my lap times the first day.