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  1. I mounted my mirrors just inside of my controls. I can see just fine under my arms and no vibration at all like my stock mirrors had.
  2. Grogfish

    Cops were ridin me all the way

    QUOTE=One Less Harley There's no real reason to slalom on the road, just draws attention to your self. Same with loud pipes, hidden license plates and other behaviors. Here you go. I do it all the time. I have hit the side of two cars in the past and will do whatever I can to keep it from happening again.
  3. Grogfish

    My bike does not want to turn

    You can also check the head bearings with the bike on the ground, hold the front brake and push to load the bearings while you slowly turn the bars. If it feels like it is catching or has tight spots pull it apart.
  4. Grogfish

    wrecked my 400sm

    If they total it find out what the buy back is and spend the extra on fixing it yourself. I would think you would have money left over for mods, gear or whatever else you need it for.
  5. Grogfish

    400sm tire replacement time, input wanted...

    Debi what compound tires are you running, SM or DS?
  6. Grogfish

    Ass hurts, seat setups............

    Seat concepts made a world of difference for me.
  7. Grogfish

    Seat Concepts Really Delivers!!!

    I used a stapler from Lowe's that I had around the house. I did put a test staple in the seat pan before I took the old cover off just to make sure it went in all the way. It took me maybe 20 minutes to put it on. It is best to use stainless staples so that they wont rust. I didn't on mine but if they start to rust it is easy enough to pull them out and replace them.
  8. Grogfish

    Seat Concepts Really Delivers!!!

    707drz's picture is the stock height seat.
  9. Grogfish

    Seat Concepts Really Delivers!!!

    Here is a shot from mine. Have had it for a week and it is a huge improvement over the stock seat. I hit some trails last weekend and it didn't bother me at all.
  10. Grogfish

    How far & where did you ride today.

    Went for a short ride this morning covering about 60 miles out to Ouachita National Forest. Only had the bike for a week and loving it more and more everyday.
  11. You could ether trim the fender a bit or maybe try putting a washer between the fender and tripleclamp on the rear two bolts to bring the back of the fender down just a bit.
  12. Grogfish

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Just picked it up yesterday. Went for a little ride this morning before the heat hits. Love this bike so far.