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  1. ouch, he did gain 2 positions in the air
  2. _BM_

    mx plate on DRZ

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=455542 enjoy
  3. _BM_

    MX number plate on DRZ 400SM

    Don't make DRZ125 front number plate in black. I tried. I am getting white number plates made so it will flow alittle better. The Fusion paint never worked for me.
  4. I hate the stock light, so this is what I did. I used a DRZ 125 number plate and a regular driving light before home made braces, this is the factory mounting hole in number plate. The stock one was too high....buts its all personal prefrence light mount, the headlight is kinda low, makes a shadow from the fender. be sure you insulate the head light, I used a groment. I learned the hardway, blown fuse by the battery. Inside of number plate...the bottom holes had to be expaned to sandwich the number plate between the fender and tripple tree...makes for a nice fit top of fender and bottom of number plate, the sandwich:laughingr Always measure twice, cut once....I had it backwards...now I have to spend another 28 bones. all done Alot better. Now what I would do different, move light up higher. It takes some fabrication to do this, but there is no correct way to do it. What I like about it, the headlight turns off when on bright, great for night wheelies and police evading. Hope this helps.
  5. _BM_

    yosh TI pipe for E on SM

    its mounted like the pic above.Yes its on the shock and cylinder. i'll try the washer between the frame.....then the hammer if that don't work!
  6. the mid pipe is on the cylinder. How do I fix this?
  7. _BM_

    Stewart/Preston vid...

    they wont bench him....he puts A$$es in the seats at the stadium. It was an accident, it happens. wrong place, wrong time. we have all done it....wrong place wrong time. yeah he did cut the track...no yellow flags. Bubba should play soccer with that roll and shin grab, was he expecting a red card?? If it would have been 2 no name riders we would not be talking about it.
  8. Online somewhere??? I would like a black one...but white would work. Would rather not go to the dealer....It would be cheaper to buy the entire bike. LOL. thanks.
  9. _BM_

    how much oil

    Thanks, that is about how much I used.
  10. _BM_

    Honda how much oil

    how much oil does my TRX 400 hold???