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  1. monty341

    After market KLR650 parts?

    My brother-in law just got a '06 KLR 650 and looking for a few after market parts can you give me some good sites to tell him about? I think he's looking for a new seat,bags and a few odd's and end's. Thanks for your help!
  2. monty341

    Wanted DRZ-E/KLX 400

    I have a buddy with a MINT KLX400 with VERY,VERY low miles. In Vermont, too far?
  3. monty341

    Supermoto conversion what sprocket?

    I just got a kit from monostano and everything come with it, nice stuff. I went from a 14/47 to a 15/42 and it's fine for 50-60mph not too buzzy but still good gearing for the twisties!
  4. I just put a 15 on my drz400e today and I didn't have to remove the chain. Just move to tire all the way up and you should have slack in the chain to just pop the new sprocket on. No problemo
  5. monty341

    case guard for DRZ400E

    I have a "04 DRZ 400E that I just converted to a supermoto. I went up to a 15 tooth sprocket and now my stock case guard won't fit and I'm having a hard time finding a after market one. Anyone have a idea? Thanks!!
  6. monty341

    Suspension help!!

    I just converted my '04 DRZ-400E to a supermoto. (Kit from Monostano, nice stuff very happy) I will be switching back every now and then to go into the woods. What can I set my stock suspension to when I'm riding around town and blasting back roads? Thank you!!!
  7. monty341

    Sprocket help

    I have a '04 DRZ 400 and I'm thinking of putting it on the road for some supermoto fun. Can anyone suggest sprocket sizes that might let it cruise comfy at 50-60mph without feeling like it going to blow up? Thanks for your help!
  8. monty341

    what spockets?

    I'm thinking of turning my '04 DRZ400 into a supermoto for street riding. I don't know what sprocket combo if any will work for this. I would like it to be able to "cruise" at 50-60mph without the feeling of it wanting to blow up like it does now. Thanks for your input!