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  1. JimDub

    *CANCELLED* Pacific Raceways Round 3

    I have 3 boys ready to go to the races and a hotel reservation to cancel... How could they not know insurance was an issue until the day before the race? I am sure being a "promoter" is not easy but a heads up would have been nice.
  2. JimDub

    Bremerton Harescramble

    TX Yodaddy for the suggestions on where to stay. Any Idea what the kids course is like? Would it be a good 1st race for the average 10 year old? Jim
  3. JimDub

    Bremerton Harescramble

    Anyone know of a good hotel or motel close to the event? Jim
  4. JimDub

    Is juniper open???

    Dear DirtBeater, You do need a "Flag Registration" to ride your dirt bike at Juniper or any where else in the state of Washington. They are a green bike mounted flag that has built in radio frequency identification technology so the ORV rangers can check you out from outerspace. If you have one you are pretty much legal to ride anywhere off road, even municiple golf courses. Call this number and ask for Christine (360) 902-4111). She'll send one out overnite if you are nice to her.
  5. JimDub

    Handguards. Will these fit my 250X?

    enderotuff, I have put the Tusk guards on a couple of bikes. I have had to bend them a little to get a good fit, other than that they get a thumbs up from me.
  6. JimDub

    Rekluse Clutch

    I am a big fan of mine. I ride a 450EXC in the mountains of central Washington. The nastier the terrain the better. I am able to use the lever when I need a little extra slip thanks to the KTM set up. As I understand it they now have a model that will work the same way on other bikes. The only down side is free-wheeling if you stall. On a hill or incline the front brake may not be enough to keep you from a short ride in reverse. I ride from 600 to 6000 ft elevations so the "never stall again" claim is not realistic. I have had it for more than a year and have learned to keep the Rs up a little in tuff situations to avoid stalls and keep from rolling backwards when i can't get to the rear brake. I'd bet if you did not change elevation much and your bike was jetted well this would not be an issue. Also no more bump start. My magic button fixes that. JW
  7. JimDub

    ***Base Tire for Snow Studs***

    WR400F, Where did you get those studs? They look a little longer than regular studs. How does that stud gun work? I wonder if they could be installed with out one, using a small press (Drill Press maybe) or something. What do you think? JW
  8. JimDub

    Starvation Ridge April 1

    Would it be possible to include the rider's # in the filename of the image? You might sell mor pics.