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  1. sorry for a major boo-boo, I meant calcium not vitamin C. I was typing that response late last night. Calcium!!!
  2. contrary to everyone saying you are full of crap, I agree that supplements can help arm pump. Well, vitamin C specifically. It's a fact that vitamin C prevents lactic acid buildup. I do not get enough vitamin c(dont drink milk), and most people dont get enough either. When I started taking vitamin C supplements my arm pump went away. I know it's not my riding style because if I forget to take my vitamin C the pump comes right back. I usually take one or two 600mg vitamin C's a day. Hope this helps, although most of you will probably just say I'm full of it. FYI I used to lift weights heavily and used to get "arm pump"(forearms locked up). That is when I discovered the vitamin C, it works for weightlifting also.
  3. Is it safe to add oil to the forks above the reccomended 82mm below top? On my last bike I added oil when bottoming, just want to make sure the XR forks can handle the added oil volume. Thanks guys!
  4. anyone know if the tank sticker/graphic can be purchased in stock form? Can a dealership order replacements or am I stuck with an aftermarket graphic?