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  1. Www.crankworks.com I've never personally used them so I don't have an opinion, maybe some others here have.
  2. Anyone know if the Pro-Circuit linkage system and the one in the KTM hard parts catalog are the same of different?
  3. Good news Ken, that puppy gonna be ready for high point vet fest?
  4. Mxken

    WP aer48 revalve

    Jay went out and ran 150 psi in the forks, wow what a difference. And it was a hard baked out track today and the front felt good. Thanks for the info and settings. The harshness was gone.
  5. Mxken

    WP aer48 revalve

    Roger that! I'm gonna try more air thanks for the info
  6. Mxken

    WP aer48 revalve

    I will tinker a bit more this weekend. Thanks Addeeriksson
  7. Mxken

    WP aer48 revalve

    I still do bottom out occasionally if I make a mistake on some of the larger jumps. I also notice the air pressure will jump up 2-3 psi at times if I start riding earlier in the morning into the heat of afternoon so I check the pressure periodically. The slap down landings are still harsh but that's my only complaint with the fork. Like others are stating I may look for some outside suspension help this winter.
  8. Mxken

    WP aer48 revalve

    This what I've settled on on my 16 KTM 450 FE. I'm 200 lb vet B rider. I did spin one revolution out on the shock spring and haven't measured it yet actually. I ride Ohio and PA MX tracks primarily. What settings you using? Forks: Air pressure 145 psi Compression 20 out 10 out on rebound Shock: 5.2KG spring 100 mm race sag 35 mm static sag 2 out on high speed comp 15 out on low speed comp 10 out on rebound
  9. Everybody seems to complain about how stiff the 450 is sprung. I guess if you're a 150 lb bird chested squirrel it's a little stiff. For a grown man it's a bit undersprung as it comes with a 4.8 stock. I'm 205 lbs and tossed a 5.2 kg spring on it per race techs spring generator. I couldn't be happier with the 5.2, but at 250 lbs I'd go with a 5.8 kg spring. I also run 145 psi in my fork but you may want to run 148-150 or so depending on the type of riding you're doing. Hope this helps a little. Good luck.
  10. Mxken

    250 sxf rebuild :/

    I believe Www.crankworks.com is reputable. Maybe contact them and see where their bearings are made. I unfortunately do not have any experience with them, maybe some others on here have. Good luck and have fun with the cycle.
  11. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to wait a few more hours before I start tinkering with the suspension. A few tuners recommended NOT going with the PC linkage as it may throw off the shock entirely, but some people swear by it. I know PR2 suspension here in PA has a linkage that does the same thing. I'll sit on the fence for a little while and see what kinda data becomes available.
  12. Roger that Mobgma, measured my 6.8 mm fasst co. head and it measures in at 6.92mm. Weird to say the least. Sorry about that! Glad ya got it sorted.
  13. I have the Fasst Company torque wrench and it's 6.8mm. The bike is a 16 450 SXF.
  14. I know on a 2016 450SXF my spoke's are 6.8mm. Looks like all large bike KTM's are 6.8mm http://www.fasstco.com/collections/motorcycle/products/spoke-torque-wrench?variant=4291510659
  15. Mxken

    16 450 FE map setting help

    Congrats on the new bike! Position 1(I) on the handlebar is ALWAYS standard. Position 2(II) is whatever you have the dial in the air of set to. The dial in the air box has a white triangle where you can line up the map you want. Thing is the only maps available are soft which is position 1 and advanced which is position 2. Settings 3 thru 9 and 0 are all standard maps. Hope that helps. Pull the rubber booty off that dial in the air box, hopefully you have good eyes!
  16. Put you motorex 10-50 in and it will be fine, I believe that's what comes in the bikes from the factory. Don't over analyze break in, ride it like you normally would. Also the lithium battery does require a different battery charger/maintainer. You can use a regular charger but it's not something you want to leave on for more than a few hours. Like BayAreaRider said, snag youself a battery tender junior (022-198LI) or a WP-800 (022-0203-DL-WH). Those battery tenders you can leave on indefinitely. Amazon has great prices on both tenders listed. Have fun and ride that bad ass bike!
  17. I believe you can check if your machine has any outstanding recalls here. Let us know. http://www.ktm.com/us/service/safety/
  18. bspeicher99, I've been chasing a similar problem on a 07 Honda. I've rebuilt master the master cylinder, switched to a braided line, replaced pads, and bled the heck out of it. Lever stiffness comes back somewhat after a good bleeding but let it sit just a day and it's mushy as hell. I'm going to look at the caliper next as that's the only thing left to do. Sorry this isn't much help.
  19. Mxken

    2015 450 sxf graphics

    I believe you need to order it from a dealer. The kicker is you need a serial number of a valid factory edition in order to even order the graphics. Maybe an FE owner can chime in?
  20. Anyone ride with the Sidi Crossfire boots on their CRF's? I'm coming from Tech 8 boots and find That knuckle for the pivot on the Sidi's doesn't give me the secure grip against my bike that the Tech 8 boots gave. I have't ridden with them yet but just standing on the bike has me a bit worried. I also move around on the bike alot and find I can't move fore and aft as smoothly. Anyone make the switch to these Sidi crossfire boots? What do ya think?
  21. Mxken

    SIDI Crossfire and CRF 450

    I've read the rave reviews of the sidi boots and have a friend who loves them. I just can't seem to grip the bike that well with the sidis. All the plastic stiff and the hinge hits and gets hung up on the frame and the boots also seem to snag on the number plates. Thanks for the input HondaRules
  22. Mxken

    2008 Crf450r Efi

    Anyone read that test of the FI crf250 in the latest MXA? They gave it so so reviews. I think Honda is still tweaking and will have it hashed out for 2009. This is just my opinion on the matter since they still seem to be testing.
  23. Anyone out there dropping stiffer fork springs in their 07 CRF's? I'm about 200 with gear and am contemplating going with some .48's or .49's and dropping oit 5-10 cc's
  24. Mxken

    07 Crf450r Or 07 Yz450f

    All big 5 make great bikes these days. Go look at all the bikes and see which u like best. Look for a good deal and a good dealership like Camp said
  25. Mxken

    oil filter

    Just know if you go around reading manuals you'll get your man card pulled. Men don't need to read manuals or ask for directions right?