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  1. Randy11023

    Rebuilding Rear Shock

    It is really easy once you do it the the first time just remember A 45 degree angle slant helps get most of the air out. I do my own all the time. The only problem is finding someone to chage it for you. May get the gauges you do it soon. good chunk of money 135 I think if I am right.
  2. Randy11023

    bogging out

    try a 45 pilet and a 60 leak jet and buy a on the fly air screw it will help alot
  3. Randy11023

    Case spliting

    thanks alot I didn,t really want to pay 180 for a spliter
  4. Randy11023

    Case spliting

    I need to split my vase on my yz125. My friend done it for me and he move so I out of luck. I have rebuild it many times just never really wanted to pay $189 bucks to get a case spliter I look around there all about the much. I ws tring to see if and one as any opions in this. i was thinking I could use a Harmonic Balancer Puller. thanks randy
  5. Randy11023

    Little help

    I been looking at pistons for my 06yz250f and I see people useing the JE HI-comp and wisco HI-comp piston in there bikes. I was doing so seerch on the piston and ran across Athena pistons there run 14:1. so what wuld be a a good one to uses I knew to the 4stroke still. I always used wiesco pistons in my yz125 just wanted to know what is a goog one for the 250f. Thanks Randy
  6. I use a T-post take the rear finder off. and pry up the side that is down. to hold there two ways. First is by usent you truck tow hooks in front and a stand. Just put the tie downs on the peg and handle bar ( use two ties) and hook it to the tow hook in front. nother way it have it looad and pry it with the stand under it. eather wasy works.
  7. Randy11023

    Fork Oil Frustration

    Amsoil is the best i think i been using it for about 4 years now. seem to keep the same velocie (SP?) whille ride un like others whick get really thin in a short time of riding. I wasn't the 5W oil. if your heaveyer then what the springs waight the you could run 10W .
  8. Randy11023

    Anyone have a stock '06 250f shock spring for sale?

    I have one
  9. This is just some of the items that has been donated so far for the Benefit Auction For Mike. 1 Autographed Canard Jersey 1 Free top in rebuild from Randy Peterson 1 Free Catered Meal for 8-10 people at there home -courtsey of the Arnolds 1 $100.00 Gift Certificate for Paulo & Bills Italian Resturant 1 Alessi Replica Shark Helmet - courtsey of Kevin Christensen 1 Free year of Riding and Racing at GV $300 worth of Car Wash certificates for Greenwood Car Wash Thanks ! I will try to get a full list of the items and the donators posted real soon . If anyone else once to donate , please PM me or email me @ GVMotocross@Hotmail.com or call 816 682 8063 Sat. Practice 9-1 Sun. Race Gates open at 7:00 Sign ups at 8:00 Practice starts at 9:00 Race Starts 10:15
  10. I have a tuck kit on my 2003 yz125 and still stock on my 06 yz250f anyways the sprinf they sent you are 10% stiffer springs which make you clutch grip more Just use the stock one you got on you bike you be fine.
  11. Randy11023

    Would you use these oil filters

    they be fine I going to use tusk for now on oil filter is really all the same it seem like you just paying for the name. Let say ebc brakes are 50 and tusk are 7 and made with the same stuff what would you buy?????
  12. Randy11023

    2006 mods

    So what would be best cam if you ran a hi comp piston with a white bro pipe? I what think stage 2 since the HI comp piston will give me low end
  13. Randy11023

    Fork Seals

    So what best OEM seals or after markert?
  14. Randy11023

    Fork Seals

    I just wanted to know is the honda 06 cr250f fork seals are the same as the ones on 06 yz250f because I blowen mine. I have a 2003 yz125 and I was told to replace them with the 2003 cr125 fork seals because there ten time cheaper! then yamaha parts. I have use after market seal with just bad luck and want to stay with OEM seals. Thank Randy
  15. Randy11023


    I know it been ask before but it seem like the search it lock up of the last 4 days. Since winter is rolling up soon I thinking about putting some mods to the bike. what does a Hi-comp piston help with? Who make good pistons? Also I was looking in to cams. What are some good cams? what type of gains would I get with them? I rode a white bother engine bike once and main it had power!!! made my 2006 yz250f feel like a baby. That only mod I done to the bike is a WB pipe. Thanks Randy