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  1. roadtode

    little Turn Signals

    I ended up buying these from my local shop, I fell for the dot approved tag: http://www.kandstech.com/index.php?page=universalsignals
  2. roadtode

    little Turn Signals

    Link is not working, can you re-post? Any problems with the signals? did they mount ok? no resistors needed?
  3. roadtode

    acerbis with corbin

    Do you have a picture you can share? I have the stock tank and the Corbin on my 02, would like to go with the big tank.
  4. roadtode

    DR650SE oil leak

    I bought my 02 D650 a few months ago with 1600 miles on the odo, I've since put on 800 more, recently did my first oil change and soon after came the base gasket leak, you can imagine how pissed I was. Well thanks to this thread and Thumpertalk I purchased $8 worth of brake cleaner and permatex from Pep Boys, I applied the fix 2 days ago, took the bike out tonight for a quick spin down to the store and back, so far so good, no leaks, before the fix I would have oil on my shoes. I am confident in the fix, the dealer quoted me 6 hours labor at $70/hour. I plan on writting to Suzuki to complain. Thanks again guys! On anothr note my wife and I hit a deer on our trip last year up to Utah, 5k worth of damage to the front of my 4Runner, can't imagine hitting one on a bike, glad to hear you came out ok.
  5. roadtode

    What is a good price for a used DR?

    I paid 3k for my 2002 DR650, with only 1600 miles (I am on the west coast). The carb needed to be cleaned from sitting but that was it, runs like a champ. I love my thumper! and 52 MPG!
  6. roadtode

    Suzuki Gel or Corbin Seat

    That's good to hear, I noticed many folks in the 650 forum who were very much in favor of the Corbin seat, BTW, I don't know how I wandered into the 400 forum, this is a great site.
  7. roadtode

    Suzuki Gel or Corbin Seat

    I've been reading through the posts trying to decide if I should go with a Gel or Corbin, I think you've convinced me to go with the Corbin, probably stick with the standard foam. I've owned my DR650 for about a month, not crazy about the 2x4 seat, otherwise I love the bike, wish I had more trails here in So. Ca. will have to be more on road then off for me.