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  1. Hello Everyone. I'm a trail bike riding bloke from Australia and have a yz426f. I've noticed my ride losing lots of oil lately. I found motor oil dripping from the breather tube on the left hand side of the bike, but on closer inspection, there is oil everywhere around this area. Has anyone seen this and what is the likely cause? I've had to top up my oil a couple of times in the past two weeks now - this is making me nervous, as my mates tell me to keep the oil up on these rigs and make sure you don't run out! I did take the magneto cover off recently, but I'm fairly meticulous when it comes to working on this kind of stuff - I've read that these bikes run a "wet magneto" - I'm going to check it out after work to make sure the cover's on properly. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Chrisso.