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  1. I'll be there Saturday - shooting for the morning. Was planning on coming out Friday night, but I just haven't gotten everything done that I planned this week.
  2. Is that the girl that wanted you to "entertain" her boyfriend while she went shopping???
  3. I'm out this weekend - far too much stuff piling up at the house.
  4. Even with a cracked rib I was back on the bike in a week or two - good to hear nothing appears to be broken.
  5. It's interesting that you only included yourself in the Chippendales trying to tell us something Kenny???
  6. Replace the crush washer between the cylinder and the header before you start dicking with carb settings. Popping on decel is a lean condition - lean is either too much air or not enough fuel.
  7. If she's going to be cooped up in the hospital until Sunday you could probably sneak out Saturday for a ride... :ride:
  8. fo shizzle..
  9. ah...a chicken then..still didn't know he had one. Pecker often a slang word for "chicken" That pecker is peckin on some corn...yeah...
  10. Kenny has a rooster??
  11. In my first post all the cheaper prices are Sudco, the more expensive prices are full retail KTM parts. How much did you wind up paying?
  12. Yeah - pretty much anywhere is better than buying "KTM" parts which are really just Keihin parts with the prices jacked through the roof. ...and I've never had any major issues buying from Sudco either - but they've been snippy on the phone with the "we typically don't sell direct" type comments and if you google there are others who have had issues - it's just a heads up.
  13. I hope you didn't order a slide off a KTM parts fiche....mucho bucks. Sudco is tough to deal with, but check this out: Part, Sudco #, Keihin #, Price #7 throttle valve, 018-522, N502-17x01, $63.40 cable holder (nipple), 018-526, 1101-804-2000, $8.11 jet needle clip, 018-033, 16155-169-0040 , $1.38 TOTAL $72.89 KTM --RETAIL-- Parts fiche (Munn is usually 15% off) Part, Ktm #, Price #7 throttle valve, 54631035000, $154.36 cable holder (nipple), 54631232000, $44.94 jet needle clip, 54531629000, $2.46 TOTAL $201.76 w/ 15% disc $171.49 My suggestion for dealing with Sudco is have an order like this and throw in all the jets you will ever need (forget the needles - unless you know how to translate between KTM's profiles and Keihin's) and make it a one time shot - they don't typically deal with retail customers and it shows on occasion. Have your parts list, prices, quantity and credit card ready to go before you call (no web orders). They handle Keihin and Mikuni so pretty much every BAP bike is covered. If you don't have a large parts order, check out - not the best website, but they're a retail distributer - gotta call them too and they've got better prices than KTM's retail prices. If you're just ordering jets (main, pilot, etc) - Rockymountain or your local dealer - if you're ordering needles you'll have to go to a KTM dealer - they're still not expensive though. Yes, Kenny - they even have pink jets for your bike too so quit asking.
  14. ...looks like I -will- be at SC this weekend.. I tried like hell to get out of it - instead I'm just having to get more done during the week. I won't be bringing a bike though.
  15. I ordered two of these: