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  1. kwoodard

    Completed Mods on 2008 CRF-450X

    Change your stock pipe and you will see what Im talkin about.
  2. kwoodard

    Completed Mods on 2008 CRF-450X

    The MRD is the one on his site that is for the 450X with the Spark Arrestor and the baffle if you want. Dave told me that was the pipe for my bike and I did not know of any other one.
  3. kwoodard

    Completed Mods on 2008 CRF-450X

    Well I just figured out how to do the pics. I did not take any of my project bike, but I do have some of my 1-1-09 Baja Trip that we rode and blew up a few 450's. This bike was a 2005 and had 20,000 Baja Miles on it when she exploded the bottom of the cases and leaked all of the oil out 40 miles from help.
  4. kwoodard

    Completed Mods on 2008 CRF-450X

    I should have taken pics but all I can do now is get some of the aftermath/completion pictures of the bike. I just thought people would want to know what worked/did not work that I did. They have plenty of pics on here already of how to do what i did.
  5. kwoodard

    Completed Mods on 2008 CRF-450X

    I just got my bike back together and rode it for the first time. Man what a big difference the mods make. Its like going from choked to a BEAST. This is what it is supposed to run like. It looks like everything worked great and the only thing I had to adjust was the idle. If anybody has any questions, let me know. All of my spare take-offs are for sale if anybody needs them. Im located in Louisiana at sea-level. 1. Pro Taper Bars/New Mounts-Windham Bend 2. Cycra Pro Bend Handguards (u clamps) 2. Twin Air Power Flow and Seal Kit (comes out a little easier) 3. MRD Pipe (best pipe on the market for the money) no baffle but SA 4. JD Jet Kit (needle JD RED) in middle 3rd notch either way) 170 on Main and 1 1/2 Turns on the fuel screw. Stock 45 on Pilot Jet 5. Did Normal airbox cuts through the sides as shown on site and then cut the top out since I had airbox out of bike. I did not cut the airbox out under the battery(I figured the battery blocks airflow and I want to keep as much water out as possible). Just from front to edge of plastic that goes under battery. I use a soldiering iron with a knife tip to cut the plastics. 6. Removed smog set-up and replaced with applied kit. 7. IMS 3.2 gallon tank 8. Factory Connection Re-valve and spring job on front and back for me 6'3 250lb with gear. 9. Works connection 1 piece skid plate (nice) 10. Works connection radiator Braces 11. Lightspeed Stainless Pegs Thats about it. I want to thank all that have posted these mods on the web-site in the past. Without all of your posts and help, my job would have been alot harder. I have been riding the motocross versions of 450's in the past and this was my first choked down woods model to buy. After I bought it and rode it stock, I almost got sick. But now I feel like a new man with a new bike. I will keep anybody posted or help with any questions.