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  1. Joe_dirtbiker

    Fork Seal Tech Talk

    "tape the area where the aluminum collar was"...the manual suggested a "vinyl fork seal protector" or some similar such wording. I took an old plastic grocery bag, cut to length, put it over the top of the fork like a condom, and spread some fork oil (lubricant) on it. Worked great. Took instructions: http://www.thumpertalk.com/motoman393/
  2. Joe_dirtbiker

    Spark Plug Removal

    when it's lean I hear the coolant boil when I stop. When it's rich the exhaust pipe is filled with black soot that rubs off onto my finger.
  3. Joe_dirtbiker

    looking for a stock WR exhaust baffle

    my mounting tab broke as well. Luckily I just started riding with a welder.
  4. Joe_dirtbiker

    Header Pipes

    I just ordered my powerbomb yesterday ($190 from DennisKirk). Good to read about the heat fatigue. My none-to-old header pipe buckled and then ripped at the buckle folds last ride. I was thinking it seemed like that pipe didn't last near long enough. 3yrs old, 1700miles. Hoping I can hose clamp the stock heat shield on to the powerbomb.
  5. Joe_dirtbiker

    Grease Fittings in Rear Linkage and Swingarm

    The rear linkage has some sort of oil-impregnated plastic bushings in it I believe. The manual said something or other about them. On my xr600 there were grease fiitings, I was somewhat aghast my WR had no fittings. But then when I went to grease them I found out I didn't really need to do such very often.
  6. Joe_dirtbiker

    Is anyone else breaking choke knobs?

    Wow, thanks for all the response. Good to know I'm not the only one. The first bent knob I blamed on my buddy Adam for being a meathead when strapping down the bikes (guess I was wrong...). The second time I notice just when the knob got bent. Falling over the right side of the bike. I was starting to wonder if it was my boot that had bent the knob since I knew it wasn't anything I fell onto. Thanks for the confirmation nurooi. I too modified the first bent choke knob. Tried to bend it back just before leaving for 5 Mile of Hell. It broke. I then put some grooves in the shaft with my dremel and used some safetywire to fashion a functional knob fascimilie. 5 MOH is highly recommended BTW, reference link: http://motoutah.com/content/ohv/swell/srs2.php my pic of the trailhead sign: http://www.astrowitch.com/gallery/v/Joe/SanRafaelSwell/IMG_0154.JPG.html
  7. I'd had an 03 WR450 for six months/1000miles. I bent my choke knob in an unintentional dismount this weekend. I've already replaced it once ($27 I believe). Is anyone else having this issue or do y'all keep the bike shiney side up? Does anyone know of an aftermarket knob? At this rate my choke knob is becoming a $100/year 'consumable'.
  8. Joe_dirtbiker

    Larger rear tire

    I ride through a lot of New Mexico sand. When I went from a 110 to a 140 I thought it would climb the hills better. It did a wee bit. What I really notice was that I had to lean it over a bit more and hit the gas harder to get the rear to steer.
  9. Joe_dirtbiker

    Tool Kit Recommendations

    I just got a cute 'rider wrench' by Fredrette/Moose via dennis kirk. 27&13/16this on one end, 17 on the other. Works for the rear axle nut and the carb float bowl/jet change. A lot cheaper than the tire iron wrenches which I drooled over then frugalized away from. Vice grips/crescent wrench didn't offer enough clearance for the carb plug. Also got an 8/10/12 Y wrench which is small and amazingly effective. Things not otherwise mentioned: I carry a pill bottle of nuts& bolts spare hose clamps on the handlebars individual wrap handi wipes TP tow strap (it's for my buddies, not cause I do my own maintenance, honest!)
  10. Joe_dirtbiker

    Leaky forks on my Wr 400

    I just took my 03 fork apart for the first time last night. Seal was out in under an hour. None too difficult and no special tool required aside from the driver.
  11. Joe_dirtbiker

    what to use for a fork damper holder (03 WR450)

    Thanks for the link to the motoman393 page, just what I needed. I didn't think PVC would be tough enough but I'll trust motoman393's experience. By the time you need the damper holder, the fork seals have been removed. I'm DIY to the core. Taking something to the shop just aint an option.
  12. Joe_dirtbiker

    how good is your manual

    I have a WR and an XR. Factory manuals for both. The Honda manual is pretty good, step by step instructions/pictures for a simpleton like me to follow. The Yamaha manual, OTOH, is cryptic at best. Lacks any sort of index. Gives you a schematic of something complex then articulates only the most counterintuitive steps of the process. This got me wondering how other manuals rate.
  13. I took my fork with the leaky seal apart last night. All went well enough til I got to the place where the manual called for a special tool, I forget the precise name, think it was a 'damper holder'. When I looked down the fork tube I could see that I need something like a 2ft long pipe (goes around the damper rod) with 4 teeth to hold the damper in place whilst I spin the bottom component. I hope I don't need to buy the actual tool. A reasonable facsimile would suffice. How has anyone else resolved this issue? can I grind some grooves in a piece of 2" steel pipe and use that. Any good ideas? If I can't get the damper out, what's the best way to get all the dirty old fluid out? Oh yeah, I know I need a tool for installing the fork seals. Anyone got a better idea than a piece of PVC cut in half?
  14. Joe_dirtbiker

    How do you guys clean your O-Ring chain?

    WD40 from the gallon can (spray cans are expensive). Scrub til clean with a toothbrush sized wire brush. Clean with the air compresser. if any lube makes it down to the pins&rollers, your O-rings are shot if I don't put any lube on the chain it tends to be rather noisey, if I lube it with WD40 it gets noisey after 1/2hr I used to live in PA, now I live in NM. If you're riding conditions change that much your lube should change too. soak the chain in gas, hell, I soak the whole bike in gas. Then I run it through the tank for 'proper disposal'