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  1. zuki2903

    More Compression?

    if you insist on wasteing money there is 2 easy ways to bump compression. 1. buy a vertex high compression piston and 2. moose makes top end gasket set that raise the compression by using a thinner base gasket. those two things together, you will have to use race fuel and will notice a little bit more gitty up, but i personally know with a 125 you will loose all that extra power in no time. i replaced my pistons every 15-20hrs tops, becuase they drop compression so quickly.
  2. zuki2903

    More Compression?

    can u ride the bike to its potential yet? and you dont need good smelly race gas to go faster or higher compression. spend the money on suspension or general maintenance things first and fill it up with pump gas. i have a fully built 144 motor and have had alot of highly mod motors before and rarely use race gas. jet it properly for you elivation and you'll be good to go:bonk:
  3. gonna be hard to get 2400 outa that bike. its not as clean as u made it to be.
  4. i checked on halls website parts fische and they have the same part number:) hope***ky this info may help someone else down the road as well:thumbsup:
  5. found a new wave rotor for a 95+ te 610 but not sure if it will fit my hub? i know 00+ wont. any ideas? thanks!!
  6. zuki2903

    2002 CR 250 Connecting Rod

    are those rims powder coated? nice bike
  7. zuki2903

    Factory WR/CR 144?

    i had eric gorr so the 144 kit on my 125 this summer as well as porting for all top end. I was impressed with it and helped alot. I also added a procircuit pipe and shorty silencer with boyesen rad valve and that helped a bunch as well on top of the 144 kit. as far as pinston replacement tims. I run my pinston 20hrs re ring it then replace the piston etc.. I run strictly motocross and dont like to let off of the throttle much and never had any problems yet:thumbsup: and yes i did notice a very very little more vibration
  8. zuki2903

    Any input on coated pistons?

    I use vertex pistons as well with no problems ever when im not forced to buy wiseco for my big bore kit.
  9. zuki2903

    Subframe Insert ?

    i have the same problem too, any ideas guys?
  10. zuki2903

    Air cells

    had a set on my yz that were the same style as the enzo's. I noticed more of a difference in changing the oil and springs. imo not worth the extra $
  11. hey guys, Im in need of another part lol. I need a fuel petcock for a 04 cr 125 gas tank. thought id check around here first before buying a new one. ty ty
  12. zuki2903

    cr 00-04 white plastic?

    raisrx251 thats the same kit i just ordered I like it alot! its nice to have something completely different then everyone one else
  13. nw ohio here. arvtic cat atv and sled dealership with ski-doo sleds and vespa scooters been horrible since last winter. several local dealerships have closed up around ohio this summer its gonna be a bad winter again if the gas prices do go up to 4.00 a gallon
  14. zuki2903

    cr 00-04 white plastic?

    love the white look i just found that set on ebay too with red graphics. i might get that or just get the white plastic from the place colemanapp mentioned and have custom graphics made
  15. zuki2903

    cr 00-04 white plastic?

    ive looked around in some mail order catalogs etc but cannot find a complete set of white plastic anywhere. anyone have any ideas on where people are getting it for the older bikes? thanks!!