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  1. thanks for the info out it goes.
  2. Please advise if anyone has had there clutch apart. I have found the design has a Judder spring that groves the first or last metal disc in the pack. i want to know if the Judder spring and first fiber be replace with a fiber the same as all the rest of the fiber aliminating judder spring and first fiber turned off as its called out in the manual. also if anyone can explain the purpose of the judder spring. thanks
  3. Kenda k270 not that agressive as the 606 or mt 21 but gets it done on my 530 ktm and up front i stay with dunlop 606
  4. i think it is great bu one issue i do have is i seen these bikes up close every one no spark arrester and one non dot tires also they had blinker mod that could warrant any one of us a ticket but cool for them.
  5. congrats you will have lots of fun
  6. looking at the picture what turn signal and rear plate holder is on that bike its not stock and i like the look
  7. alum. pans look great in your researh did you look into saddle bags i am looking for a pair and there are not any post on saddle bags I found a company Chase harper but thats it. your imput will be great.
  8. i always carry tools and extra tubes. cruz tools bag fits a extra tube and tools i fit it on a promoto billit rack and it works great. my last flat i limped the bike to town with the old zip tye trick (zip tye the tube to the rim so it does not come off and you can usually ride at a slow pace to service)
  9. let me know about your next ride i may be intrested.
  10. I think you are correct by saying drz400s gets no respect. I sent a email to the different mags and asked if they could do a drz build up. and the response i got was refer to thumper talk it is a great souce of info. my reply was no (poop). well i am back on thumper talk and they are correct it is a great source of info.
  11. I think its great you are doing this. I only hope you so more dual sport adventure cross country. I find on smaller bikes like my DRZ400 to pack a sleeping bag tent and clothes its challenging to do such a trip but its possible.
  12. i road with it off and the tank would flex a bit > i put it on and i have no issues the tank is great i get 250 mile on each fillup
  13. anyone out there use saddle bags on there DRZ400s i been doing long trips and the pro moto billit rack works great for a small duffle but kicking your leg over is challenging. so i am starting my search for bags that can take some offroad punishment
  14. los pretos desert club is running this event
  15. I know my o5 drz400s is a different yellow