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  1. I really hate this thread.
  2. One more thing. WW1 better charge up that tater sauce gun I might need to borrow it.
  3. I'm going, and that cherry picking butt pirate XCIowa better be going too, last time he cut me off in the woods so I need to get me some payback. XCIowa you better watch out I'm bring the anal lube so better get ready for a smack down
  4. So when are you going to get it?
  5. I'll be there. Baja, yes could you provide directions from Waterloo? I'll be driving a yellow suburban with a red trialer, That says TM Racing on the side.
  6. Well doesent that suck.
  7. You guys are retarded.
  8. This is gay.
  9. Its gay.
  10. I think I can get off work, never been to this place.
  11. I'll be there too. what time?
  12. I already posted before you, and yes I will be going.
  13. Are you guys going to have a GAY parade lap too?
  14. Because he is GAY?
  15. I'm in where do you want to meet??