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  1. Yamaha

    rolls both in neutral and in first with the clutch in. it just seams that its not hitting the power band. not enough fuel or the fuel to air mix. really wierd. i will check the bearings though.
  2. Yamaha

    i havnt done any mods to it at all. idles fine. i put the clutch it kick it into first. bike still runs. then when i go to let the cutch out at a high rev. it just dies.
  3. Yamaha

    no i didn't throw the chain. the bike will run fine after it sits for awhile. then when i get on and go for a ride in about an hour it will do it again. it seems to be happing when it really heats up.
  4. Yamaha

    I bought my yfz 450 05 a mounth ago took it out for the first good ride after about an hour it stalled. started it back up and when i put it in first and went to let the clutch out it would just die. checked out make sure the brake was off and the choke they both were off. when we lifted the back end up and tried to let the clutch out it still died. any ideas?