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    MX tracks and trails near Murfreesboro?

    There are several, first Wildflower MX in Spring hill (615-410-6202)open every day 10 dollars per rider. Some trails, MX track is so so, ATV track and two pee wee tracks. Christiana MX but only open day before races for practice, then you have Fast farms in Manchester same deal only open day before races for practice cost is 20 bucks. ( go to fastfarmsmx.com for more info) Thunder valley is over in Cooksville ( I beleive )they are part of the same race series as previous. I had heard there is one that just opened in Smyrna but I am still looking for it..lol There are dozens of trail riding clubs, google it and they will pop up. If your looking for a 3 hour trip there is a great place in Georgia right were KTM world is. Cabins, camping bike rental its called Highland Park , its about 3 hours from the boro. 4 tracks and 1,000 acres of trails. Cool place great people you can even rent a brand new KTM for 150 bucks, and of course you have Loretta's they do a trail ride 2 twice a year. You can also look on Sloan's bike shops site, they list them every now than then.