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  1. fifthgeartapped

    Oil Change Concern

    Hearing this makes me feel better. I also noticed a similar discoloration on my last two tranny oil changes. The last two rides were somewhat 'wet' (not to mention cold @ around the mid-40's) and noticed I had a small amount of water collecting in the breather tube as well. I was going to continue to monitor before submitting the problem to the "TT Council of Expertise and Wisdom", but I am pretty confident it is due to condensation/clutch wear after reading the posts. Something about oil that looks like a carmel macchiato makes my neck hairs stand on end...
  2. fifthgeartapped

    Skid Plates

    I have the WC skid plate with the integrated engine side covers and ride some pretty nasty stuff here in Idaho. I absolute love 'em and don't regret spending the extra as it was a little more than the other 'glide' pans or carbon-fiber. Not to mention it looks and fits like it was specifically made for the bike (which they are) vs. the big snow-shovel look of some of the pans out there. Plus, I have taken some rocks that I know by the sound would have caused considerable damage had I not had it on there (or had a thinner, less burly glide pan). If weight and/or cost was more of a concern, I would have gone carbon/kevlar-fiber route. Just my $0.02.
  3. fifthgeartapped

    Order of fuel screw parts

    I am installing a extended fuel screw and when the factory one came out, so did all the small pieces (o-ring, washer, spring), so I didn't get to see exactly what order they need to be reinstalled. Have searched the owners manual - doesn't even mention it. Searched the posts - didn't see any reference. In inspecting and in theory, I believe it should go....o-ring, washer, spring, fuel screw....correct? Does anyone know or can quickly find out? ANY help is appreciated. THANKS!